This Is The Kind Of Guy That You Should Stop Texting

God and Man
God and Man

Stop texting the guy that talks a big game, but never follows through. He keeps telling you how much he likes you, how badly he misses you, but he never actually makes plans to hang out with you. Your entire relationship exists over the phone. You never flirt with him face-to-face, because he’s just a name on a screen.

Stop texting the guy that makes everything about him. He doesn’t ask about your day, because he’s too busy talking about his day. He uses you as a place to dump his complaints, to rant about his horrible life. He’s always talking talking talking, but never listening.

Stop texting the guy that takes hours to answer your messages — if he answers them at all. He picks and chooses when he wants to talk to you. He decides when you’re convenient and when you’re only a nuisance.

Stop texting the guy that includes major typos and grammatical errors in every sentence. He clearly doesn’t reread his messages before sending them like you do, because he doesn’t care about impressing you. You’re just another girl to him.

Stop texting the guy that turns every conversation sexual. He never asks you about your parents or how your sick dog is doing. He only wants to know what you would do if he was in bed with you. Come to think of it, he really only contacts you when he wants to sext or exchange nudes.

Stop texting the guy that makes you carry the entire conversation. You’re always the one that comes up with cute topics to talk about, and then he ruins it with one-word answers. You send him lengthy paragraphs that took you twenty minutes to type out and then replies with ‘haha’ or ‘k.’ He clearly isn’t engaged in the conversation.

Stop texting the guy that makes you feel bad about yourself. You’re excited when his name first pops onto your phone screen, but by the time you’re done talking to him, you feel even worse than you did before. Whenever you hear from him, your confidence takes a hit.

Stop texting the guy that’s always drunk. He only messages you when he’s been kicking back beers and downing shots. He only invites you over when the alcohol has made him feel lonely. And, in the morning, when the hangover wears off, he won’t even think about continuing your conversation.

Stop texting the guy that only acknowledges your existence after the sun sets. You’ve never gotten a good morning text from him. You’ve never even heard from him before dinner time. He only texts after midnight, when his horniness is high.

Stop texting the guy that puts in zero effort. You shouldn’t have to text him first every single time. You shouldn’t have to carry all the conversations. You shouldn’t have to give your everything when he gives you nothing.

Texting isn’t supposed to be stressful. So find someone that makes it fun again. Someone that will send you good morning texts until the day that you start waking up beside each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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