This Is The Kind Of Girl That Everyone Wants To Be Around

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

Be the kind of girl that compliments herself when she walks past a mirror instead of finding minuscule reasons to criticize. That has silenced that hateful voice inside of her and replaced it with a loving one. That knows her inner value, her intrinsic worth.

Be the kind of girl that defines herself as strong and independent, even though she feels broken and damaged. That knows she can push past any pain she feels, because there’s happiness waiting on the other side. That never gives up on life, or on herself.

Be the kind of girl that encourages her friends. That smiles, wide and toothy, when she finds out that her sister got engaged or got a promotion or put a down payment on a house. That doesn’t let her jealousy get in the way of her happiness.

Be the kind of girl that is always there for other girls. That helps drunken women in the bathroom instead of condemning them for how short their dresses are. That offers tampons and hand sanitizer to strangers that she doesn’t even know, because she realizes that they’re all connected, that they need to stick together.

Be the kind of girl that doesn’t need a boy. That appreciates it when someone special walks into her life, and gives him all she has to offer, but doesn’t bleed herself dry in the process. That loves him, but still has enough love left over for herself.

Be the kind of girl that’s comfortable with her body. That worships her body. That doesn’t mind looking at herself in a towel or a bra, because she knows that every inch, every crevice, of herself is filled with beauty.

Be the kind of girl with big dreams, that has a laser sharp focus on her passion. That gives it her all during the weekdays, but is able to relax on the weekends. That doesn’t bring her worries, her stress, home with her from the office.

Be the kind of girl that laughs long and loud. That finds a way to make a joke out of everything, even her deepest fears. That doesn’t care if everyone is staring her way, because she’s having the time of her life.

Be the kind of girl that chooses actions over complaints. That doesn’t waste her time dwelling on problems when she could be searching for solutions. That realizes her life is worth living, even when everything feels off.

Be the kind of girl that keeps in touch. That calls up her grandparents to hear their voices. That drops by their best friend’s house, just to say hello. That makes an effort to contact the people that matter the most to her.

Be the kind of girl that speaks her mind. That gives her honest opinion, even when it hurts. That doesn’t let anyone walk over her, because she can be the sweetest woman in the world — or she could be the biggest bitch you’ve ever met — depending on how you treat her.

Be the kind of girl that gives out compliments. That offers smiles to strangers. That genuinly loves life.

Be the kind of girl that makes you proud. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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