25 Frightened People Leak Their Hometown Horror Story

You don’t have to read Stephen King to creep yourself out. Sometimes, horror stories happen in your own hometown. Here are a few of the most brutal ones from Ask Reddit.
Unsplash, Khachik Simonian
Unsplash, Khachik Simonian

1. A father accidentally killed his own daughter

“A dad who climbed in his car to go to work and reversed over his daughter and killed her. She was five and playing hide and seek under his car with her older brother who saw it happen. Unspeakably tragic.” — Jblonde002

2. He committed suicide in front of a crowd

“My town has a really nice park right next to the train tracks with a stage that if you are sitting looking towards the stage from the audience you’re looking right at the train tracks. During an annual talent show, a dude committed suicide by train in front of a few hundred people. Guess he wanted a show.” — SMTTT84

3. A cop murdered his wife

“Cop killed his wife in the bathtub. Cop’s next wife goes missing, never to be heard about again.” — [deleted]

4. Someone shot my uncle to death

“A bit weird, but it revolved around my family actually.

I come from a very small town in northern California (population of about 3000), where not much really happens other than gossip, and probably a bit of inbreeding.

Back in the early 80’s (a couple years before I was born) my uncle was out in the woods with his girlfriend. This area was relatively close to the high school, and it is where teenagers went to make out, smoke pot, and bang.

A guy came up to my uncle’s car, shot him a couple of times and raped his girlfriend. My uncle died, and the girl came back to tell her tale and get help. It’s impacted my grandparents greatly, and I can still see the pain in their eyes around Christmas (he was killed in December). It threw my dad in a bit of a self destructive nose dive (hence my birth), and the town didn’t really recover for awhile.

They never found the guy, but they did have someone stand trial at one point. DNA evidence came back inconclusive, or something.

The saddest thing I’ve ever heard was when my grandpa told me that ‘no matter how many people we have over, or how full the house is, there is always one person missing. And there always will be.'” — Beardofgod

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