Men Don’t Realize How Much These 50 Sweet Things Mean To Women

Twenty20, chantylove
Twenty20, chantylove

1. He shows up to dates on time and never leaves you waiting.

2. He is clear about his feelings and doesn’t play any games.

3. He speaks properly instead of using chatspeak.

4. He formally introduces you as his girlfriend whenever you meet new people.

5. He has strong morals — he’s against lying, cheating, and stealing.

6. Whenever he makes promises, he keeps them.

7. He doesn’t curse around children or your parents.

8. He doesn’t check his phone while you’re speaking.

9. He doesn’t engage in inappropriate PDA in front of your friends.

10. He does favors for you without expecting anything in return.

11. He never flirts with other women in front of you — or behind your back.

12. He says thank you whenever you do something sweet for him.

13. He offers you his jacket when it’s cold outside.

14. He tells you the truth, even when it’s hard for you to hear.

15. He offers to pay (or at least to split the bill) when you go out on dates.

16. He apologizes when he makes a mistake instead of blaming everyone around him.

17. He gives up his seat for the pregnant or elderly.

18. He commonly asks about your parents.

19. He gives you authentic compliments.

20. He’s polite to strangers, like your waiter and Uber driver.

21. He holds open doors for you.

22. He keeps tampons and an extra toothbrush in his bathroom for you to use.

23. He answers the phone when you call instead of texting his response.

24. He pays attention to detail.

25. He never weight shames or slut shames.

26. He cares about his appearance, but isn’t obsessed with his appearance.

27. He’s comfortable with his feminine side.

28. He always drives responsibly.

29. He remembers important dates and events.

30. He showers before getting intimate with you.

31. When he gets stuck at work late, he calls you to let you know.

32. He actually says please when he wants something instead of giving you orders.

33. He keeps his beard, his genitals, and his fingernails trimmed.

34. He isn’t afraid of being seen as romantic.

35. He always asks you about your day.

36. He never pressures you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with.

37. He clears his schedule in order to make time for you.

38. He offers to drive when you go on dates.

39. He never refers to you in a derogatory manner.

40. He deletes his Tinder (and any other dating apps) as soon as you become official.

41. He gives you kisses on the hand and forehead.

42. He doesn’t stare at your cleavage while you’re speaking.

43. He’s a dedicated, hard worker.

44. He doesn’t burp or fart during inappropriate moments.

45. He never sends unsolicited dick pics.

46. When he’s angry, he doesn’t let his temper get out of control.

47. He holds your hand in public.

48. He’s your shoulder to cry on whenever you’re upset.  

49. He actually listens when you tell him no. 

50. He treats you with respect, no matter the occasion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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