26 Semi-Psychic Moments When Someone Had A Bad Feeling — And It Came True

Never ignore your gut feelings. According to Ask Reddit, it can save lives.

Unsplash, Dawn Armfield
Unsplash, Dawn Armfield

1. A rocket blew up our property in Afghanistan

“Sitting with some buddies smoking a cigar. For some reason I was like, ‘We need to go get food now. Like right now.’ We went to get some grub. Not even 5 minutes later a 107mm rocket destroyed our smoking area…” — I_Watch_You_Pooping

2. A car ran over the woman walking next to us

“One time I really had a bad feeling about a car and asked my girlfriend to walk faster over the street. She laughed and said I should not worry. The car crashed into the woman next to us.” — zaihn

3. My old friend committed a murder (the night I was supposed to see him)

“An old friend of mine from primary school asked me to go to the local for some drinks to catch up (I hadn’t seen him in couple of years), I had this feeling of dread when I was on the phone and refused (I wasn’t anxious or ill). I made up an excuse and thought nothing of it. I didn’t hear back from him from that point on, I thought he was angry at me and never bothered to call again.

I Googled his name a couple of days ago and that night in question at the exact pub, he committed a murder (he’s in jail for life). I think he wanted me to be his alibi/false witness or maybe I was going to get killed. Don’t know.” — cloud_strife_7

4. Our cabin burnt down when we should’ve been inside of it

“My wife and I rented a really nice cabin in Big Sur CA for a few nights. She woke up panicky and crying ( she never does) over a bad dream. Had an awful feeling after waking up. Told her we could go for a drive… The further we went the better we felt. Stayed in Monterey for the night… The cabin burnt down. Still chills writing this years later.” — live_n_wigwam

5. Someone shot up the parking garage I kept my car in

“One time, I had to go to campus for an afternoon project meeting. Usually, I park in the regular campus parking garage, on the top floor where there are always ample spots available.

Since this meeting was later in the afternoon, I decided to risk it and park in the teacher’s lot. I figured that since the meeting was supposed to be quick (they never are) and the professor’s were gone for the day, the chances of getting a ticket were super low. Plus, I was lazy and didn’t want to walk so far.

As it turns out, a man had turned up at the parking garage shortly after the time that I had gotten to campus to shoot up his girlfriend and her guy friend in a double murder-suicide. And they had been parked on the top floor, in the same area that I always parked my car.

I was so glad I had the gut feeling to just park in the teacher’s lot that day.” — RurJurr

6. I was in the audience during the Boston marathon

“Was at the Boston Marathon in 2013, not sure why I ended up leaving, but I would have been right in the heat of the attack had I stayed an extra 10 minutes. I was lucky enough to end up on the last train out of the city before everything was locked down.” — DoesNotRideShortBus

7. Every passenger on the plane died

“This story happened to my grandmother. I hope it doesn’t get lost in the comments cause it’s a good one. In the summer of 1996, my grandparents and their long time best friends were taking a trip to Paris to celebrate both of their anniversaries. They were at JFK airport in New York. They all lived in a suburb of Detroit but had to travel to New York due to the fact that direct flights were not yet available to Paris. At the gate, out of nowhere, my grandmother got this terrible feeling about the flight. She was very upset and did not know what to do because she felt like a huge let down and somewhat ridiculous if she did not go. My grandfather told her she was being paranoid and that their flight would be fine. My grandmother urges everyone not to go and my grandfather stayed with her. Their best friends decided to go on the flight as planned. As they were sitting in the airport for the next flight, they saw all of these workers running around and yelling. The flight my grandparents were supposed to go on was TWA flight 800. Their best friends died along with every single passenger on the plane.” — festilove

8. My friends died from a massive oil explosion

“When I was in high school, I had a group of friends that all lived near my dad’s house, so I pretty much just hung out with them on the weekends. This was way out in the country, so we did stupid shit like skinny dipping in the lake, climbing oil derricks and riding them, stealing our parent’s beer, etc. That Friday, one of my buddies, Ryan, called and asked if I was planning on hanging with them that night, and offered to come pick me up. I didn’t have any other plans, but for some reason I just strongly did not want to go. No obvious reason, it was like I had just made up my mind NOT to go have fun, and there was nothing I could do to convince myself. So I turned him down and settled in for a night of watching crappy TV and feeling sorry for myself because everyone was out having fun.

About 2 am I was woken up by a BOOM way off in the distance. It sent chills up my spine, but I just kept trying to convince myself I was hearing things, or some idiot was spotlighting close by. Then my step mom calls me, frantic. The kids I hung out with had invited someone new to go out with them. They had climbed onto an oil well tank and were sitting around chatting, like we did all the time, no big deal. One of the wells was in use, the other was recently emptied and the workers hadn’t sealed the top back. The new kid decided he wanted to see inside, took out a cigarette lighter for light, blew himself away, and it set off a chain reaction to the other, full tank where the others were sitting. There were 5 kids there, only one survived, and that’s because he was still climbing the ladder and got thrown sideways into a ditch instead of blasted up into the air. The other four, it took a couple days to find all the body parts in the woods. My step mother had called me because when they started identifying body parts she knew I usually hung out with them.” — cordial_carbonara

9. A drunk driver plowed through the crowd

“In line to see Kurt Vile this last year at SXSW.

Give up and leave only to find out hours later that our friend that stuck around was hit by the drunk guy who drove through the barricades/crowd.

Would have definitely been in the same spot.” — orewhat

10. A tree collapsed where my brother had been standing

“My mom had a crazy one when I was home sick.

This was 18 years ago. I was home sick from school, my little brother who wasn’t old enough to go to school was outside playing in our backyard at the playset my dad built. He was standing on 1 end trying to throw rocks up into the top of the playset. My mom was washing some dishes in the kitchen, and had this feeling that was almost a voice say, ‘Tell your son to come inside.’

She looked out, saw he was playing and was fine, and shrugged it off.

A minute later, she gets the same impression: ‘Get your son inside.’

Again, shrugs it off, but starts thinking about how strange it is.

Finally, after another couple minutes, she had one of the most insane experiences of her life. She swears she heard an audible voice scream, ‘GET YOUR SON NOW!’

She was so startled, she dropped what she was doing, and just instantly reacted. She ran outside and yelled at my brother to come inside. he slowly started making his way over. She went down our deck stairs, went over, grabbed him and pulled him back in the house.

I remember all of this part because I was watching her be frantic and thought something horrible was happening, like someone was trying to kidnap my brother.

Sure as shit, 2 minutes after she gets my brother inside, we hear a MASSIVE crack, and a tree about 35 ft tall with a 2 foot+ diameter trunk fell EXACTLY where my brother was standing. Would’ve killed him easily, and to this day we have no idea what caused it.

Craziest thing ever.” — ManWithYourPlan

11. A rock slide killed three people in my town

“When I was a kid and my family lived in Hawaii, my parents had plans to hike Sacred Falls on Mother’s Day. I was never a really big fan of hiking as a kid, so naturally I dreaded it but my parents LOVE hiking so I was mentally preparing myself for a week, nothing seemed off.

However, my dad, the day we were going to go for a hike, suddenly called it off and said he wanted to go to the mall instead (which is really weird for my dad to want instead of going into nature). This made me perk up a bit so we spent the day at Pearl Ridge mall instead.

When we got home later that night, my dad received a call from his boss on base that seemed strange. The boss, who had known my dad had planned on hiking at Sacred Falls on Mother’s Day, had said that he was ‘extremely relieved to hear my dad’s voice’ which confused my dad. Dad said they went to the mall instead and his boss said to check out the news.

Turns out that a rock slide happened at Sacred Falls that day and killed three people. The boulders were as big as Volkswagen Beetles and caused multiple injuries. I remember my family and I just stood there in shock for a moment.

I went to school the next day and found out, (I was in fourth grade, mind you) that my friend/crush had gone hiking that day with his soccer team. Not only did his father die from the rock slide, he fell into a coma after being hit by a rock.

I only saw him in class one more time after that happened. His family immediately moved to his mother’s home state after what had happened. It was really sad.

A mall trip potentially saved our lives.” — Auterbot

12. A train my father should have been on crashed

“My dad would win this thread:

1) Had one foot on a train and then out of his peripheral he saw a bus going the same way and something told him to run for it. Runs out of the train station, catches the bus three blocks later and then gets to his grandma’s house where he sees a news report about the train crashing and most if not all people dying.

2) In the Navy he was on the US Forrestal (spelling may not be right) and he usually slept at the bottom of the ship. One night, for a reason I can not remember, he decided to swap rooms and stay up on the top level. That morning in the early hours a fire ravaged and killed everyone at the bottom and my dad and a few others at the top were rescued to safety.

3) In a hotel in Spain my dad was on his balcony. He was looking across to a building reflecting himself and he saw what looked like a person standing behind him. He got freaked out and went in to see who it was. As he left he heard a loud crash. He went back out and saw that somebody had thrown a TV (yes you read that right) out of their room and down past the balcony, which may or may not have crushed my dad’s head.” — Adamba17

13. My friends were injured in a car crash

“About 16 years ago, A friend of mine just got a brand new Chrysler convertible. He was a reckless driver and liked to show off for the ladies (even after I told him repeatedly that woman don’t give a fuck about him or his car). One night, him, another one of our friends, my then girlfriend, and I went around cruising for a little bit. He wanted to stop off at his house to pick something up, I don’t remember what it was. While at his house, I decided my girlfriend and I were going to call it a night and go back to her place. I just had this feeling that something bad might happen, like an accident. So we left and my other two friends took off (wheels screeching, as always). About ten minutes later my friends were speeding down a hilly road, doing about 60 or so, and another car didn’t see them and pulled out and they T-boned this other car. They were all hurt and had to go to the hospital. I found out about it the next day and a few days later saw the pictures of the car. I was shocked they both walked away from this accident. The car was totally destroyed. I was more shocked that I sensed this accident coming and my girlfriend and I didn’t go on that ride with them.” — LittleClitoris

14. A wolf was hunting me

“Years ago (1997) when the Hale-Bopp comet was passing through I drove about 30 minutes outside of town, down a country farm road to get away from the city lights so I could take some long-exposure photos of it. I was there for about an hour or so when I suddenly had this overwhelming urge telling me to leave. So I packed up my stuff and got in the car. That’s when I noticed the wolf sitting in the dark not more than 20 yards from where I’d been sitting, watching me, eyes glinting in the darkness from my car’s interior lights. Chills down spine.” — CrewmanInRed

15. People standing in the crowd suffocated to death

“Yes. One of the most disturbing experiences of my life. I was at a rock festival in Denmark, Roskilde. I came specifically for Pearl Jam. I was so excited. Went to the stage are early to get a good spot at the very front with a friend. As the crowds filled in it started getting a bit hectic. I suddenly had an awful feeling. I felt like I was about to die. I could feel it. It was like I knew. This was it. Im done.

I told my friend I had to get out no matter what. He was annoyed but came with me. This was before the concert even started. We forced our way through the crowds. It was a massive amount of people. I couldn’t shake the awful feeling until we got all the way out of the crowd and I sat down on the grass. Not more than five minutes later the music suddenly stopped and paramedics rushed into the crowd. Shortly thereafter they started carrying out lifeless bodies and placing them next to us on the grass. Some were just unconscious. But some were clearly dead. I even recognized a guy we stood next to at the front. His face was white and I remember them covering his body with a blanket.” — Sweetdish

16. There was a deadly electrical fire

“Back in college, around halloween, one of my friends insisted on going out to a club. Since he had never been to an actual halloween bash before (he’s from South Korea), we decided to take him to West Hollywood. The only problem was that all the places were packed and he was starting to throw a hissy fit. We were all starting to lose our temper with him at this point since we did give up our own plans for the night just to take him out. The last place we decided to try was Pearl. The place was absolutely packed and something didn’t feel right so I talked the others into helping me convince him to just come grab some grub with us, head home, and come back some other time. He didn’t go down willingly and it left us all with sour tastes in our mouth. I remember telling him: ‘It’s ok dude. Shit happens for a reason.’ About 20 or so minutes later as we were chowing down on burgers at a joint less than a block away from Pearl, we started noticing a throng of panic-stricken people hurrying away from the direction of the club. Almost simultaneously, we see fire trucks rushing in that direction. Turns out that there was an electrical fire. All I could do at that point was look at Mr. Wahmbulance and say, ‘I fucking told you.'” — KamikazeMizZ

17. Someone shot up the restaurant I’d just left

“A few times. First was I went to a party when I was a senior in HS (06). It was at a restaurant that was closed for the evening but I guess one of kids family owned it so he had keys. He was charging everyone a few bucks to go in so we paid. We were early at the party so it was rather empty and we hung out by the entrance. Some kid walked in, saw it was empty and turned around and asked for his money back. They argued over it but the kid got his money back and left and no one thought anything of it. Around a half hour later there were about 30 people there by now and I just started getting this sick feeling. I told my friend I wanted to leave and he didn’t want to. It was a good party, lots of Spanish girls, drinks and smoke, but I couldn’t shake this feeling. I went and grabbed my buddy and said, ‘We need to go, now!”‘Luckily he didn’t question it. About 30 min after we left someone came and shot the place up and hit 4 people. Luckily no one died. A lot of people were talking and believed it was the same group that left earlier. That was always stuck with me because It was gonna be a good night and I just felt, cold, and wanted to go. It was a similar feeling to overwhelming depression coming over you the way it 180’d everything.” — ThisFckinGuy

18. A bear attacked my campgrounds

“I asked my mother to take me home early from boy scout camp because I was afraid of bears. A bear ravaged the camp the night I left.” — SenatusRomanus

19. Giant pieces of my school building collapsed

“Couple of mates and I were really lucky.

In our last year of secondary school (UK), we had a massive changing room for physical education split in to two sections for either side of the year.

We’d always use the B block but this time, about 20 of us decided to follow the lead of one friend that said ‘why don’t we use A block?’ We questioned why and he just replied ‘I dunno, this side is so old and manky compared to A block’.

We were really early so we were guaranteed space to get changed etc. Once most people started filtering through the changing rooms they noticed most people were at A block so they all hopped on the bandwagon and ditched B block.

B blocks ceiling collapsed 10 minutes later.” — tedcarolan

20. There was a deadly car wreck that I avoided

“This past spring semester some friends and I were going to an off-campus party and needed someone to drive us there and back so we could get drunk. This guy we sorta knew offered to take us if we gave him some gas money. We all just had a bad feeling about it and just figured we should have a night in watching movies instead. The guy struck the same deal with some other people going to the party after we left, and it turns out he got drunk at the party without telling them, drove back drunk and got in a huge car wreck. Girl in the passenger seat died on the impact, everyone else was in the hospital for weeks afterward. If we hadn’t all had the gut feeling not to go, I could be dead. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps you awake at 4 in the morning.” — Zagnaros94

21. My mother would have been crushed by the ceiling

“My mom tells this story a lot. She was working in an office and she suddenly had a powerful urge to leave her cube, just to leave and be somewhere else for no reason. Not a minute later, a fifteen-foot-wide section of the ceiling collapsed, burying the floor in metal and plaster. She would have been crushed.” — Kaleon

22. He tried to rape her by using a roofie

“Was at a frat party and chatting with a sweet girl. As the night wore on, she got seriously smashed, and a guy with a snake tattoo on his arm was talking to her and getting in real close. She was getting kind of dopey and tired and I saw her slunk over his arm about to pass out.

Something about him just struck me as wrong, and I went over and pretended to be her brother, asking if she’d maybe had a little too much and wanted to go home. Dude looked pissed, but I could definitely tell something was up. I got her friend who looked ready to leave anyway, and we took her back to her dorm. Turns out someone had slipped her a roofie, and a couple months later the snake tattoo guy was arrested for raping someone. I am convinced I stopped him from raping that girl that night.” — faleboat

23. I could have been shot to death

“I was at a liquor store in a Chicago suburb trying to decide what I wanted to poison myself with that night. Walked to the counter and paid for my drink asking the clerk how his day was going. “Could be worse my friend” he said with a smile. 15 minutes later a gunman walked in the store and robbed it.. killing the clerk, his family member and 2 customers. I was going to make a phone call before I went to go buy my drinks but instead went to the store first. I’ll never forget the clerks words to me.” — Beers_Me

24. I avoided a dangerous explosion

“Years ago, in college in a VERY large building in downtown New Bedford, MA…. in a computer lab doing some sweet, sweet programming… when all of a sudden I thought I smelt gas. Natural gas. Then it went away a few seconds later. On a gut instinct, I jumped up and proclaimed to the class that I smelt gas and that I was evacuating and that they should too. My teacher asked me to sit back down, asked everyone if they smelt gas too…. no one did. I internally said “fuck it, i’m not dying here” and just straight up left the building. I walked a couple blocks down, stopped, and started calling 911 on said hunch.

Lo and behold, after maybe seconds or maybe 1-2min of standing on this corner I hear all kinds of sirens and alarms and such going off. The whole building starts emptying onto the streets, people start running. Then BOOM , the loudest bang i’ve heard in-person to this day.

Apparently there was some road construction on the other side of the building that I couldn’t see, and the workers had caused a gas leak. Huge explosion (no one hurt), that hit so hard the brick fronts of stores on that street literally came off and fell heavily onto the streets. To this day, there are still imprints in some parts of the road from bricks falling onto it.

Teacher later told me I blew their minds and thanked me for acting so fast. I don’t think I impacted anything other than me being first out, but I’ll take it anyway.” — Emgimeer

25. I could have been crushed to death

“I was mowing my back yard with a ride on mower, and I began to get an overwhelming feeling of being watched. I started looking around and thought I saw a figure in the upstairs window. I tried ignore this as no one was home and continued with mowing when I started to feel an unbearable sense of dread. This made me immediately stop. As I did so the ground in front of me gave way forming a 15 foot wide 12 foot deep sink hole. If I hadn’t stopped immediately I likely would have been crushed by the tractor.” — MujimIsYou

26. A deadly snake almost attacked me

“I would always walk down the hallway in the night without turning the lights on. One night I get to the end of the hallway and have a sudden urgent feeling that I need to turn the lights on.

I go all the way back to my room and turn the hallway light on and go back. Just in front of where I had decided to turn around was a huge and deadly Taipan snake making its way from one room to another across the hallway. If it had bitten me in the dark they wouldn’t have been able to get me the correct antivenom.

Yes, this happened in Australia.” — risska Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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