20 Things You’re Officially Too Old To Be Doing In Your 20s

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. Hating yourself. You’re not ugly. You’re not stupid. You’re not worthless. Stop acting like your own worst enemy, because you need a friend.

2. Feeling alone. You’re not the only one that feels like they’re not where they’re supposed to be. Stop acting like you’re alone in the world, because half of the students you graduated with feel exactly the same way.

3. Making comparisons. Your friend’s promotion doesn’t take away from your achievements. Don’t compare your life to her life. You’re on two separate paths.

4. Obsessing about the future. Yes, life plans and career goals are important. But you’re not where you thought you’d be when you were a kid, and everything is working out fine. So, really, obsessing over the future is pointless. 

5. Turning down opportunities. You can’t say no to something that could bring you happiness. Go on that date. Go to that party. Go on that interview.

6. Regretting your past. If you had fun, there’s nothing to regret. It happened. Move on.

7. Hiding your emotions. It’s okay to be angry. Annoyed. Upset. In love. Don’t hide your emotions to seem like you have it all together. Nobody does. 

8. Dating toxic people. It doesn’t matter how much you care about someone. If they’re bringing you down, you have to release them from your life. There’s no way around it.

9. Being embarrassed by family members. In high school, it was embarrassing to hug your mother in public. Now, it’s sweet. Don’t take your family’s love for granted.

10. Trying to look cool. Be yourself. Public opinion doesn’t matter. Besides, trends change by the day, so trying to keep up with them would be exhausting. 

11. Bashing women. Does it really matter that a complete stranger is wearing a dress that barely covers her underwear? Her wardrobe doesn’t impact your life in any way, so don’t waste time insulting her. 

12. Living vicariously through a screen. You don’t have to wish you could study law, like Elle Woods or live in NYC, like Monica and Chandler. You could do it yourself. Get out there and live the life you want.

13. Blaming your parents. It’s not their fault that you turned out the way you did. Okay, maybe it’s a little their fault. But you have to take responsibility for yourself. You’re not a kid anymore. 

14. Letting the fear win. It’s scary to move out of your parents’ house and apply for your dream job. But you have to push through that fear and do what you need to do. It’s the only way to reach success.

15. Holding grudges. The boy that cheated on you in tenth grade isn’t doing half as well as you are. So stop stalking him on Facebook. In fact, delete him from Facebook. 

16. Wishing you were in a serious relationship. You’re older and wiser now. You should realize a relationship isn’t everything. There are other things to focus on, like your family and friends and finances.

17. Blowing all your money. Stop wasting entire paychecks at the bar. You’re an adult now. You have to save up for a car and an apartment and a life outside of your childhood home.

18. Holding your tongue. If you have something to say, say it. Stick up for yourself. Stop getting walked over. 

19. Lying to yourself. Don’t pretend you’re over that boy. Or that you’re okay with being abandoned by that friend. Be honest with yourself. Life is easier that way. 

20. Hating your life. Look at everything you have. You might not be where you want to be yet, but don’t act like everything about your world sucks. Things aren’t that bad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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