13 Things She’s Done Dealing With Because She Has Something Called Standards

Unsplash, Allef Vinicius
Unsplash, Allef Vinicius

1. Laziness. She’s not going to plan out all the dates, initiate all the phone calls, and lead all the conversations. She’s not going to be the one doing all the work, putting in all the effort. Not anymore.

2. Mixed signals. You’re either willing to commit to her or you aren’t. Stop leaning one way and then the other, because she’s sick of guessing how you feel.

3. Being ignored. If you reply to the sexy snap she just sent you, but refuse to answer the text she sent hours ago, then she isn’t going to bother texting — or snapping — you anymore.

4. Empty promises. She doesn’t need you to toy with her expectations. If you tell her you’re going to do something, do it. She’s been hurt enough in the past. She doesn’t need any fresh wounds.

5. Texting relationshipsShe loves reading your good morning messages, but she needs more than that. She needs to see you in person. To look you in the eyes and kiss you on the lips.

6. Immaturity. She wants to be a girlfriend. Not a mother and not a babysitter. That’s why she needs a man that has his life together — or is at least actively trying to get his life together.

7. Being controlled. She isn’t willing to hand over her free will to some stranger. She isn’t going to ditch her platonic male friends, because he’s threatened by them, or stay inside, because he doesn’t want her to leave the house without him. That’s just not happening.

8. Unanswered texts. If you ‘forget’ to reply to her, she’s going to ‘forget’ you exist. She isn’t going to waste her time waiting for a response. Waiting to see if you’re interested. Waiting to be treated the way she deserves.

9. Booty calls. She’s not a sex object. She’s ready for something real, something that involves more than an orgasm. So no, she isn’t going to reply when you text her at two in the morning. Try texting her at two in the afternoon next time.

10. Avoidance. If she asks you a question, like where your relationship is going, she expects you to answer it. No more I don’t believe in labels. No more I don’t want to talk about this now. Give her a legit answer, because she deserves to know how you feel about her.

11. Lies. It doesn’t matter if you lie about your career or lie about liking the same bands as she does. She isn’t going to tolerate it. She doesn’t want you to be the guy you assume she wants. She wants you to be you. She wants you to be authentic.

12. Being the second choice. Don’t make plans with her at the last second, because another girl bailed on you. Make plans with her a few days in advance. Make it clear that she’s a priority and not just the backup plan.

13. Bullshit. She’s done dealing with liars and cheaters and scumbags. She knows what she deserves and it’s definitely not this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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