This Is What Your Handwriting Says About The Person You’ll Spend Forever With

Grab a piece of paper and write, “This is what my forever person is going to look like.” Then decipher your handwriting down below.

Twenty20, dashapats
Twenty20, dashapats

The slanting of your letters

Slanting right: You’re independent. You’re used to being on your own, and honestly, you like it that way. That’s why you need someone that will give you space when you need it. Someone that will let you breathe. Someone that understands you don’t have to be together 24/7, just because you’re dating.

Slanting left: You’re emotional. You need someone that can handle your intense emotions — because, with you, things are always intense. You either love something or you hate something. You’re filled with happiness or drowning in your depression. There isn’t a middle ground with you.

No slants: You never let your emotions show. You shove them down, because it feels like the logical thing to do. That’s why you need to date someone that brings out your soft side. Someone that reminds you that it’s okay to express your feelings. It’s okay to be human.

The size of your letters

Small: You’re pretty shy when you’re around new people. You aren’t the type to make the first move, which is why you need to date someone that is outgoing. Someone that won’t be afraid to send the first text or lean in for a first kiss. Someone that will do all of the things you want to do, but are too timid to do.

Large: When you see something that you want, you go after it. That’s why you need to date someone that doesn’t mind being chased and then drowned in affection. Someone that doesn’t mind double texts and unexpected visits to their house.

Average: Your life isn’t wild and crazy — and you like it like that. That’s why you need someone that shares the same values as you. Someone that’s happy spending one-on-one time with you, and doesn’t need to hit the bars every weekend with a big group of friends.

The shape of your letters

Rounded: You’re a creative soul, so you need someone that appreciates the arts. Someone that thinks your personalized poems and paintings are the sweetest gestures in the world. And someone that’s willing to return those gestures. Someone that will sing karaoke with you and take dance classes, just because it would make you smile.

Pointed: You’re one smart cookie. That’s why you need to date someone that’s on the same intellectual level as you. You can’t stand having repeat conversations about sports and the weather. You need someone that stimulates your brain. Someone that will watch documentaries with you and walk through museums.

The pressure you put on the pen and paper

Heavy pressure: If you pressed down on the paper with a lot of force, then you’re passionate. You want someone that will grab you by the hair during sex and smother you with kisses the second you walk through the door. Someone that will make their love for you (and their attraction to you) blatantly obvious.

Light pressure: If you pressed down on the paper lightly, then you go with the flow. You don’t care where your partner takes you out on a date, as long as you get to spend quality time together. In fact, you’d be happy snuggling on the couch while watching some television show you’ve already seen one hundred times before. That’s why you need someone that can make any activity exciting. Someone you really click with.

The type of handwriting you chose

Cursive: You have high expectations for your future. If you had it your way, you’d be living like a Disney princess with a giant diamond glittering on your finger and an oversized house that could fit all of your future kids (or cats). You think big and love strong.

Print: You want a laid-back love. You belong with someone that is comfortable with long silences. Someone that doesn’t need you to take them out on dates every single weekend. Someone that still wants to be with you, even when you’re too tired to have fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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