One Day, You'll Spend Christmas With Your Forever Person

One Day, You’ll Spend Christmas With Your Forever Person

One day, you won’t be alone on Christmas. You’ll roll over, before your alarm clock even rings, and snuggle into his chest for a few blissful minutes before your excitement takes over and you can’t wait any longer to give him the gift you picked out months earlier. The gift that contains all of your love wrapped up with a bow and an address label that says his silly nickname across it.

One day, you’ll have someone to kiss beneath the mistletoe. Someone to sing crappy holiday songs with as they play over the grocery store speakers. Someone to finish off your eggnog when you know you’ve had enough. Someone to debate whether you should watch Nightmare Before Christmas now or if you should’ve watched it back in October.

One day, your forever person will help you hold the shopping bags as you wander around the mall. He’ll give you suggestions on what you should buy for each family member, even the cat. And when you get home, he’ll wear the elf hat you bought for him and let you take selfies, even though he knows how ridiculous he looks and that the pictures are going to end up plastered across Instagram.

One day, you’re going to be excited about December, just like you were when you were a kid, because you’ll get to experience the old traditions again. You’ll decorate gingerbread houses. String lights around the tree. Make sugar cookies in the shape of reindeer and snowmen (and probably a penis or two).

One day, you’ll unwrap your presents and you won’t get an ugly pair of earrings or a generic scarf like your exes gave you. You’ll get something personalized. Something that proves that your person really knows you and exactly what would bring a smile to your soft lips.

One day, Christmas won’t feel like a materialistic day. It won’t be about the presents or the sales or the holiday bonuses. It’ll be about the fact that you get to see your forever person with their family. Hugging their nieces and nephews. Helping their grandparents take the turkey out of the oven. Getting on the floor to play with their childhood dog.

One day, you’ll have someone special to bring home to your own parents — someone that swaps jokes with your cousins and compliments your aunts’ cooking. And if your family has already fallen apart, if time has eroded your love of Christmas, then you won’t be as disappointed as you used to be when the holidays roll around, because you’ll have a new family. A family with your forever person.

One day, you’ll end up spending Christmas with the love of your life. And every single year after that, you’ll get to do it again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark