Don’t Let These 13 Things Tempt You To Text Him

1. Old messages. Don’t read through his old texts and think about how much you miss your late night conversations. Delete the thread. Don’t let yourself re-live the happy memories when you know he’s no good for you.

2. Social media. If he posts a status that makes you jealous or uploads a ridiculously hot Instagram picture, don’t let it sway you. Don’t let it convince you that contacting him is a good idea when, deep down, you know the truth.

3. The holidays. Don’t wish him a Merry Christmas. Even though you’re sending out holiday texts to everyone, he’ll know the text isn’t casual. He’ll know it means you’ve been thinking about him for weeks. And he doesn’t need to know that.

4. A bad breakup. Don’t run back to your ex as a rebound, as a way to soothe your aching heart when another boy breaks it. It won’t fix anything. You’ll only end up damaging yourself more.

5. Loneliness. Reach out to friends. Reach out to coworkers. Reach out to cousins you haven’t seen in years. Reach out to anyone — anyone — except those toxic men that are going to drag you down to their level.

6. Inside jokes. It doesn’t matter if you saw something that only he would find hysterical. You don’t have to share your laughter with him anymore. He doesn’t deserve it.

7. WeddingsYour best friend is getting married. Now, you’re the only single one left. But that doesn’t mean you’re behind in life. It doesn’t mean you need to reach into the past to feel better again.

8. Alcohol. Think about future you. Do you really want to wake up with a raging hangover and a phone filled with embarrassing messages you wish you could erase? Don’t make your morning worse than it has to be.

9. Boredom. It’s better to be bored than to be fighting over bullshit that should stay in the past. He’s gone. Don’t resurrect the relationship on a whim when you know it’s only going to bring drama into your life.

10. Your friends. Maybe your BFF is encouraging you to curse him out via text, but that doesn’t mean you should. Opening up old wounds won’t help you gain closure. It’s time for you to officially move on.

11. Horniness. Tinder exists for a reason. If you want to talk sexy with someone, then getting right swipes will raise your confidence and get your libido under control. Your ex isn’t the only one that wants to sleep with you, you know.

12. Questions. You want to go to that restaurant he once took you to, but you just can’t remember the name of it… Come on, you know that’s an excuse. Ask Google. Don’t ask him.

13. The memories. I know you miss the scent of his cologne and the tickle of his beard. But think of all of the things you don’t miss. Think of all of the reasons why you should be thanking the heavens that he’s gone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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