Date Someone That Makes You Feel Safe


Date someone that makes you feel comfortable in a room full of people you don’t know. Someone that won’t leave your side if they know you’ll only end up standing awkwardly in the corner, staring at your phone as an escape. Someone that waits until they know you’re fully relaxed to release your hand.

Date someone that you’re comfortable completely exposing yourself to. Someone that you trust with the sight of your naked body and the possession of your deepest secrets. Someone that doesn’t make you question whether or not you’re making a mistake by opening up your heart and soul to them.

Date someone that you inch closer to during horror movies, because the softness of their touch eases your fear. Someone that instantly soothes you when their hand squeeze yours or their arm gets folded around your shoulders. Someone that reminds you everything is going to be okay as long as they’re by your side.

Date someone that has figured how to soothe you when you suffer from an anxiety attack or a bout of stress. Someone that doesn’t let the hard times push them away. Someone that only draws closer to you when you express your ‘ugliest’ emotions.

Date someone that makes you feel at ease when you’re sitting in the passenger seat of their car. Someone that doesn’t drive maniacally and make you question whether you’ll make it to your destination in a single piece. Someone you trust so much that you’d fall asleep while they took you on an extended road trip.

Date someone that holds you close throughout the night and nudges you awake when you whimper. Someone that cocoons you in their arms and makes sure your blanket is snug against you. Someone that turns your nightmares into the sweetest of dreams.

Date someone that takes precautions to make you feel as relaxed as possible in uncomfortable situations. Someone that asks their mother to make your favorite food the first time you meet their parents. Someone that texts to see if you’re doing okay when you’re in a large group of people. Someone that actually cares.

Date someone that makes you feel safe when you’re walking through a sketchy neighborhood. Someone that you can count on to protect you from any danger you stumble across. Someone that would die if it meant that you could continue living.

Date someone that would never dream of damaging your heart. Someone that gets more annoyed than you do when one of your friends or family members hurts you. Someone that cares about your smile more than they care about their own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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