50 Things Every Girl Deserves From Her Forever Person

Twenty20, chantz2007
Twenty20, chantz2007

1. A man that is honest with her, even when the truth stings.

2. A man that actually puts in the effort to plan dates.

3. A man that makes her feel beautiful, even when she’s sick or in her oversized pajamas.

4. A man that brags about her to all of his friends, because he genuinly believes he’s dating the most amazing woman in the world.

5. A man that sends sweet good morning texts and even sweeter goodnight texts.

6. A man that doesn’t play games.

7. A man that looks her in the eyes (instead of at her cleavage or his phone) when she’s speaking to him.

8. A man that will text her to make sure she got home safely.

9. A man that will treat her parents, her friends, and her dog like his own family.

10. A man that gives as much as he receives in the bedroom.

11. A man that knows how to cook (at least one meal).

12. A man that isn’t ashamed to cry in front of her.

13. A man that wouldn’t even think about cheating.

14. A man that sets aside time to spend with her, even if he has to rearrange his schedule.

15. A man that holds her hair back when she’s had too much to drink.

16. A man that remembers the little things.

17. A man that gives her massages after long days.

18. A man that never forgets a birthday or anniversary.

19. A man that brings out the childish side in her.

20. A man that buys her thoughtful gifts instead of expensive gifts.

21. A man that makes her feel secure in her relationship.

22. A man that will be her plus-one for anything.

23. A man that makes her laugh harder than she’s ever cried.

24. A man that lifts her up when she’s feeling depressed.

25. A man that holds her hand (and touches her butt) in public.

26. A man that recognizes her worth and reminds her of it.

27. A man that is eager to commit to her and only her.

28. A man that she finds physically and mentally attractive.

29. A man that she trusts with her deepest secrets.

30. A man that thinks all her ‘flaws’ are beautiful.

31. A man that makes her want to be a better woman.

32. A man that will do half of the household chores, so she’s not stuck with all the work.

33. A man that she’s comfortable sitting in silence with.

34. A man that is excited to introduce her to his parents.

35. A man that makes her forget about all of her exes.

36. A man that still tries to woo her, long after she becomes his girlfriend.

37. A man that knows how to cheer her up when she cries.

38. A man that’s willing to listen to her favorite music and watch her favorite shows, even if he dislikes them.

39. A man that would make a good father.

40. A man that loves her for her personality, and not just her beauty.

41. A man that smells delicious.

42. A man that is willing to compromise with her on issues both big and small.

43. A man that makes her believe in love again.

44. A man that wants the same type of future as she does.

45. A man that considers her happiness just as important as his happiness.

46. A man that loves cuddling (almost) as much as he loves sex.

47. A man that she could talk to until 2AM without running out of things to say.

48. A man that kisses her with passion.

49. A man that says, “I love you” and means it.

50. A man that is excited to spend forever with her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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