16 Signs His Mental Attraction To You Is As Strong As His Physical Attraction


1When he compliments you, he mentions more than your eyes and your butt. He mentions your kindness. Your intelligence. Your laugh.

2. If you spend the entire day together, and don’t end up having sex, he won’t complain. He’s just happy to spend time with you.

3. Once in a while, you have fun sexting, but normally, you have unsexy conversations about work and television and alien invasions. You two could talk for hours without growing bored.

4. He loves when you send him pictures — and not just nudes. He’d be happy with a selfie where you’re donning acne cream and are flaunting your double chin. He just likes to look at you.

5. His favorite dates are the ones where you have the chance to interact — not when you’re sitting in silence and cuddling, like at the movie theater.

6. He thinks you look the most beautiful when you’re talking about you career, your hobbies, or whatever else you’re passionate about.

7. There have been times when you were both naked in bed, but continued your conversation about the environment or the economy, because you enjoy talking as much as you enjoy touching.

8. He plants a kiss on you whenever you tell a hilarious joke or use an extra long word.

9. He enjoys playing mentally stimulating games with you, like Scrabble and Scattergories. Or just lounging on the couch and watching Jeopardy.

10. When he gives you gifts, they aren’t superficial pieces of jewelry that he could have bought for anyone. They’re personalized presents that reference a movie you watched or a conversation you had.

11. When he talks to his friends about you, he does more than show them pictures and brag about your sex life. He also brags about your job and what a success you are.

12. He actually listens when you speak. And if you’re being quiet, he’ll encourage you to talk more by asking detailed questions about your life and your opinions.

13. He gets the horniest when you’re the happiest — when you’re playing with your dog or reading a book or laughing with your friends.

14. He doesn’t care if you’re makeup free and dotted with pimples. He’s still going to initiate sex with you.

15. He gets excited when he introduces you to new people, because he knows they’re going to love you. That you’re just as sweet as you are pretty.

16. When he lists out the reasons he loves you, your beauty is just an added bonus. All of his other favorite things about you are pieces of your personality. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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