12 Things You Don’t Realize She’s Doing Because She Feels Worthless

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Adrianna Calvo

1. She can’t take a compliment. When someone comments on her eyes, she shakes her head. When someone comments on her little black dress, she mentions how she hates the color on her. She won’t accept the fact that she’s beautiful.

2. She enters toxic relationships. She feels lucky whenever someone shows interest in her. Even if he cheats on her. Even if he breaks her. At least she’s not single…

3. She reads all the time. Or binge watches television. Or replays a certain album over and over again until she’s sick of every song. It’s escapism. A way for her to forget about her crappy life and pretend she’s somewhere else. That she’s someone else.

4. She takes forever to text back. She’s lonely. But when a friend tries to reach out to her, she doesn’t respond. She feels like she has nothing worthwhile to say. Like she’d only bring the other person down. Depress them.

5. She posts, and then deletes. She was excited about a certain selfie. But then no one ‘liked’ it. But then she felt silly for posting it. So she deleted it before even more people could come across it and judge her.

6. She’s quiet during group conversations. She doesn’t want to brag about her promotion, because she’s still working at a movie theater while her friends are all at their dream jobs. She doesn’t realize how well she’s doing, because she keeps comparing herself to everyone around her.

7. She lashes out. When a friend comes to her with good news, it’s hard for her to give congratulations. Her jealousy takes control. It consumes her. She views every good thing that happens to someone else as something bad that’s happening to her.

8. She has an unhealthy sleep schedule. She’s up until four or five in the morning, so she doesn’t wake up until noon. And she likes it that way. There are fewer chances for her to interact with people when she’s a night owl.

9. She covers up her body. She wears baggy clothing whenever she leaves the house — not because they’re comfortable or make her feel pretty — because she doesn’t want anyone seeing her shape. She hates what she looks like. She wants to hide herself away.

10. She contacts her exes. They can’t make her feel any worse about herself than she already does. She might as well talk to them to pass the time.

11. She stays off of social media. Everyone else is posting pictures of their engagement rings and statuses about their fancy degrees. Even if she’s excited about an accomplishment, that excitement doesn’t last long. She feels like it pales in comparison to her peers. Like they’re years ahead of her and she’s lagging behind.

12. She gets drunk. She feels a little better about herself when there’s alcohol in her stomach. Of course, that happiness fades away as soon as she wakes up with a hangover. Then she feels even worse about herself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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