You’re Not His Forever Girl Unless You Actually Put Effort Into These 13 Things

Twenty20, marishkakuroedova
Twenty20, marishkakuroedova

1. Initiating sex. Men are more self-conscious than you realize. If you’re always rejecting his advances, he’s going to start doubting himself. So, whenever you’re in the mood, don’t hesitate to make the first move to remind him he’s sexy AF.

2. Understanding his hobbies. It’s okay if you hate watching baseball and playing video games–but don’t put him down for liking those things. Everyone has their own way of relaxing. If he wants to play Call of Duty after work, don’t make him feel crappy about it.

3. Getting along with his mother. You’re the two most important women in his life, so it’s a good idea to befriend her–or at least learn to be in the same room with her and act civilly. Your relationship with her will impact your relationship with him.

4. Opening up to him. I don’t care what you’ve heard about men and emotions. If a guy is dating you, then he wants you to be honest with him. He wants you to tell him how you’re feeling and really let him into your world.

5. Looking nice. You don’t have to walk around in low-cut tops with a face full of makeup 24/7, but you should occasionally give him a treat by slipping into something sexy.

6. Making him feel special. He might not admit it, but he wants your approval. He wants to be complimented. He wants you to appreciate everything that he does for you.

7. Having fun. As much as he loves watching Netflix with you on lazy weekends, he wants to go out with you, too. Once in a while, take him somewhere exciting. Make him laugh. Make him feel alive.

8. Cooking. No, you don’t have to step into the 50s housewife role. But he’ll be happier if you know how to make one or two dishes that you can surprise him with when you’re in the mood to cook. Men love their food.

9. Trusting him. He doesn’t want you to call him up every five seconds, asking him where he is. He doesn’t want you to question him whenever he gets a text message. He wants you to trust him.

10. Learning about his job. Even if you couldn’t care less about his line of work, you should still ask questions about it. Try to understand what he has to do and how he does it. It’s important to him, so it should be important to you, too.

11. Flirting with him. He doesn’t want the relationship to get stale after a few years. That’s why you need to be playful. Treat him like he’s your boyfriend, even after you turn him into your husband.

12. Cleaning. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to take care of all of the chores, but you should at least keep your clothing and hair clean. There’s nothing less sexy than poor hygiene.

13. Having your own life. He doesn’t want to be the center of your universe. He wants you to have your own friends, your own hobbies, and your own career. He wants you to be happy, even when he’s not around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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