Your Boyfriend Deserves These 25 Adorable Moments As Much As You Do

You deserve all of the things listed below. But your boyfriend does, too.

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

1. Good morning texts that remind him how much you appreciate everything he does for you and everything he makes you feel.

2. Back massages after he has a long, hard day at work and needs help relaxing.

3. Oral sex that’s all about him and isn’t meant to be reciprocated (at least for that night).

4. A date that you planned out all on your own, because you thought he deserved a special treat for being such a good boyfriend.

5. A genuine “thank you” whenever he does little things that most people take for granted, like picking up the check at a restaurant or washing the dishes when it’s technically your turn.

6. Cuddles after you two had sex, after he had a nightmare, or after you had a fight that you want to forget about.

7. A homemade meal that’s (mostly) created from scratch instead of plopped out of a cardboard box and thrown in the microwave.

8. An apology when you know you screwed up and said something hurtful that he didn’t deserve to hear.

9. A thoughtful card on his birthday. One that you actually took the time to write a sweet little message inside of.

10. New boxers, cologne, or anything else that will help him feel extra sexy.

11. An actual phone call, because sometimes, a text just isn’t enough.

12. A few notes that you left around the house for him to find. Cute ones that tell him how much you love him and sexy ones that tell him what’s in store for that night.

13. A comment on the new Instagram picture he uploaded or Facebook status he posted. He might not admit it, but he’d love for you to compliment him on social media, so all of his friends could see how lucky he is.

14. A few questions about his day. And when he answers, don’t just stare at him blankly. Actually listen to his stories and show him you care about what he has to say.

15. A car ride. The next time you go out on a date, offer to drive him around for a change, so he can relax while you deal with all the traffic.

16. A miniature gift, like his favorite candy bar or a magazine you think he might like. Something small that you can pick up from the drugstore, but still means a lot.

17. A nonsexual kiss that doesn’t lead to anything, like a peck on his forehead or his cheek.

18. A compliment that he doesn’t see coming. Try to comment on a part of his body or personality that you’ve never mentioned before.

19. A playlist that contains all of the songs that make you think of him.

20. A movie that you picked out, because you know that he would love it, even though you aren’t all that interested in it yourself.

21. A bite of your dessert, even if he originally swore he wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to order anything for himself.

22. A night out with you and his friends, because you want to get to know the people he loves the most.

23. A poem or a song written just for him.

24. A hug. A long one that literally lasts minutes.

25. An “I love you.” Even though he already knows how much you care about him, he deserves to hear you say those three little words. He deserves to feel special. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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