If He Does These 15 Things Over Text, He Totally Wants You

Unsplash, James Pond
Unsplash, James Pond

1. He compliments you. He can’t see your gorgeous eyes or your new haircut through the phone, but that won’t stop him from mentioning it. After all, he’s seen your Instagram pics. And he’ll tell you how beautiful you looked in them.

2. He sends you shirtless selfies. If you were just friends, he’d keep his clothes on. If you can see his abs, then he wants to see your boobs.

3. He initiates conversations. He doesn’t rely on you to send the first text. And most of the time, he says more than just “hey.” He’ll come up with an actual topic to talk to you about, so that you aren’t bored to tears.

4. He keeps those conversations going. If you can’t think of anything to say and send “lol” without much else, he’ll still find a way to continue the conversation.

5. He asks about your weekend plans. If he asks you what you have in store for Saturday, it’s because he wants to see you on Saturday. If he doesn’t actually ask you to hang out, he’s probably scared. It’s obvious he wants to spend time with you.  

6. He asks questions. It’s not always him, him, him. He doesn’t text you just to rant about his day. He’ll text you to ask about your day. He wants to know how you’re feeling, how work has been going, and how your puppy has been.

7. He sends a million emoticons. If he’s always sending a winking face or a row of hearts, his feelings are obvious. Come on.

8. He answers relatively quickly. It doesn’t take him days to answer a simple text message. In fact, it usually doesn’t even take him hours. He’ll get back to you pretty quickly, even if he’s at work or is busy with his friends.

9. He sends you good morning texts. And he’s the last person to text you before you go to bed at night. In fact, there’s not really a moment when you two aren’t talking.

10. He has perfect spelling. Okay, maybe he’s just literate and feels the same way about text speak as you do. Or maybe he’s triple checking his texts for grammatical mistakes, because he wants to say exactly the right thing to you.

11. He tells you about his life. When you ask him what’s up, he doesn’t respond with “nothing.” He actually tells you the personal details about his life. He actually lets you into his heart.

12. He tries his hardest to make you laugh. If you start ranting to him, he doesn’t disappear. He sticks around, listens to what you have to say, gives you some advice, and then tries to cheer you up.

13. He turns the conversation sexual. If he asks you what you’re wearing or mentions how he wishes he was in bed with you, then he’s probably thinking about you naked.

14. He tells you how much he likes you. If you think he’s hitting on you, listen to your gut. And if you like him back, don’t hesitate to tell him how hot and funny and fuckable he is.

15. He drunk texts you. This definitely means he’s interested — but it might not be in the way you want him to want you. He might just want that beautiful body of yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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