16 Things He’ll Deal With When Dating A Woman That’s Uncomfortable With Affection


1. You have trouble accepting compliments. When he tells you you’re beautiful, you shake your head. You can’t help it. It’s an automatic reaction.

2. You can’t stand PDA. When you’re in a room full of family members on Thanksgiving, you don’t want your boyfriend to rest his hand on your thigh, let alone kiss you on the lips. It’s inappropriate.

3. “I love you” is hard to say. Those three little words are a huge deal to you. You don’t even say them to your parents as much as you should. If you say it to a guy, it’s because you honestly mean it. And you don’t want to hear it unless he means it, too.

4. You come across as coldhearted. Some of your friends wonder why you’re together, since you always shy away when he leans in for a kiss. But you act totally different when you’re alone with him. They don’t see your affectionate side, because it only comes out in private.

5. You prefer flirting over text. Yeah, maybe you’re a coward, but you hate telling him how much he means to you. You can’t get yourself to say the words aloud. But over text, you can type everything you’ve been thinking.

6. He’s jealous of your pets. The only one you’re comfortable smothering with affection is your dog (or cat). You’ll let him cuddle you. Nuzzle you. You’ll even let him lick your face. That’s why your boyfriend is in the strange position of being jealous of an animal.

7. You clam up when others mention your future. You’re comfortable talking to your boyfriend about moving in together and getting married. But if his mother randomly comments on how she can’t wait until you marry into the family, you won’t know what to say.

8. You use humor as a shield. When he says something super sweet, you roll your eyes instead of telling him how adorable he is. You’re more comfortable with sarcasm than sentimentalism.

9. Small touches make a big impact. Some people can have sex without developing feelings–but if someone so much as holds your hand, you’re smitten. You hate being touched, so you wouldn’t walk hand-in-hand with just anyone.

10. You don’t like to brag. Your friends get excited when a boy actually texts them back. But your boyfriend could fly you to Paris and you wouldn’t say a word. You feel weird talking about how much he spoils you.

11. You need your space. Some days, you’ll be happy to cuddle with your boyfriend. Other days, you’ll need him to get his damn legs off of you and stay on his side of the couch.

12. You get jealous easily. To you, a hug is a huge deal. It’s an intimate moment. So if your boyfriend is affectionate and hugs every woman he sees, there’s going to be a problem.

13. You rarely upload couple pictures. When you do, people mistake you for siblings, because you’re barely touching. Sure, you’ve taken kissing pictures before, but there’s no way you’re going to upload them for the world to see.

14. It’s easy for you to initiate sex. You’re not touchy feely, so when you actually put your hands on him, he knows exactly what you want. There’s no doubt about it.

15. You don’t like to be touched. Hopefully his aunt will understand why you moved away when she tried to kiss your cheek. It wasn’t personal. You just hate being touched.

16. Your actions speak louder than words. When you like someone, you might not admit it aloud, but you show them. You prove you care by listening and joking around and being the best friend you can be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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