15 Things Men Never Realize We’re Doing Because We REALLY Like Them

Twenty20, direnzophilippe
Twenty20, direnzophilippe

1. Watching shows you watch. We’re not trying to turn into a copy of you. We just want to have something to chat about each week. If we watch one of the same shows, we’ll always have an excuse to talk to you.

2. Brushing up against you. Even if we’re on a crowded bus, we’ll find a way to create our own personal space if we don’t like you. And if we do like you, we’ll make sure to rest our arms, or our thighs, up against yours.

3. Dressing a little nicer. Maybe we’ll spend a few minutes longer on our hair than usual. Maybe we’ll spritz on that perfume that we save for special occasions. When we like a guy, we’ll put extra effort into our appearance, but it usually goes unnoticed.

4. Taking forever to answer a text. We’re not playing hard to get and purposely making you wait. It just takes us that long to figure out the right response. We might even pull up another app to draft our text in, so you don’t have to see the three little dots appear and disappear every three seconds.

5. Staying up extra late or getting up extra early. If we know you like to text at six in the morning, before you leave for work, then we’re going to set our alarms to an ungodly hour. We’re willing to readjust our schedules to make time for you, and you don’t even realize it.

6. Making excuses to touch you. We’ll flirt by wiping lint off of your jacket and asking to run our hands through your new haircut. Those aren’t things we do to just anyone.

7. Liking your Instagram photos. We aren’t going to come out and say that you look drop dead gorgeous in your picture, so a “like” is going to have to do the talking for us. But good luck figuring that out.

8. Mentioning movies. We’ll talk about the film we’re dying to see, because we want you to take us to see it. We’re hinting to try to land a date.

9. Lingering. We’ll hug you for a little too long. And we’ll let conversations last for a little too long. We don’t want to walk away from you.

10. Asking about another girl. We’re not trying to be supportive. We’re trying to get information from you, so we can figure out how to beat this other girl to your bedroom.

11. Looking in the mirror. We’re not vain, we’re really not. We’re just checking our teeth for lipstick stains and our hair for flyaways. We want you to see the very best version of us.

12. Turning the conversation sexual. When you ask us what we’re doing and we tell you we just got out of the shower, we’re doing it on purpose. We want you to picture us naked.

13. Talking to your friends. We really want your friends to like us. If they approve, then they’ll urge you to date us. And if you get jealous in the process, so be it.

14. Sitting right next to you. If there’s an entire couch for us to spread out on, and we choose to sit a centimeter away from you, we like you. Otherwise, we would’ve given you some space.

15. Posting on social media. We’ll post songs from bands we know you like. We’ll post pictures that we hope you’ll find sexy. We use our social media as a way to seduce you–even though you have zero idea that’s our motive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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