This Is How You Know He’s Actually Worth The Effort

Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan

He’s worth the effort when he puts in just as much effort as you do. When he spontaneously decides to take you apple picking, because he knows that you’ve been dying to try it. When he shows up at your house with a surprise present, even though there aren’t any holidays coming up. When he makes you moan so loudly in bed that the neighbors overhear.

He’s worth the effort when you don’t have to doubt yourself. When you aren’t stuck wondering why it’s taking him so long to text back or what he meant by a certain comment. When you aren’t afraid that you’re too ugly or clingy or boring for him.

He’s worth the effort when you honestly feel like you have nothing to complain about. You can’t join in when your friends whine about the shitty men in their lives, because you’re in the perfect position. You aren’t being neglected. You aren’t being taken for granted. If anything, you’re being spoiled. You’re being filled to the brim with untainted love.

He’s worth the effort when it doesn’t actually feel like you’re putting in any effort. When you bake him cupcakes, but don’t mind how much time it wastes. When you spend an entire paycheck on the perfect anniversary gift, but don’t pay attention to the price. When you climb on top of him during sex without realizing you’re the one doing all the work.

When you’re with him, you don’t feel like you’re expected to clean up. But when you see dishes piled up in the sink, you wash them, because you don’t want him to be stuck doing them later. And you don’t feel like you owe him sex, but you sleep with him, because you love the feel of his lips, his bones, his muscles.

In fact, you feel like you’re never close enough. Even when you’re snuggled up beside him, your head on his chest and your body wrapped in his arms, you wish you could get closer. You wish you could climb under his skin, because you already feel like you’re connected by heartbeats.

He’s worth the effort when you love him more than you ever thought it was possible to love another person–and when he loves you back with the same enthusiasm. When you know you’ll never regret the BS you had to go through to make your relationship last, because he deserves every last ounce of your affection. Because you can’t believe you were lucky enough to find a man as imperfectly perfect as him.

And because you’re planning on spending forever with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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