More Women Would Orgasm If Men Actually Did These 15 Things

Unsplash, Sokoloff Lingerie
Unsplash, Sokoloff Lingerie

1. Give her massages. You want a blowjob as foreplay? Well, she wants a massage. Get her naked, touch every inch of her body while her favorite music plays in the background, and then think about fucking her.

2. Touch her clit. By now, you should know that most women can’t cum from penetration alone. They want their clit rubbed. So stop going in-and-out-and-in-and-out and actually give her what she needs.

3. Appeal to all five senses. Men are visual creatures, but women need more than just eye candy. They want you to whisper in their ears. Smell delicious. Taste delicious. They want it all.

4. Go down on her. For you, blowjobs are a bonus. But for her, oral might be the only way she can get off. So don’t make her beg for it. Give it to her before she has to ask.

5. Finish what you started. Even if you finish first, you should still try to give her an orgasm. Use your hands. Your mouth. Your dildo. Don’t leave her high and dry. It’s just not fair.

6. Put effort into your appearance. Don’t go down on her with a scratchy beard that’ll leave red marks. Don’t forget to put on cologne in addition to deodorant. Actually try to look good for her, because she always tries to look good for you.

7. Say something romantic. Talking dirty is great, but a little romance is always nice, too. Tell her how beautiful her body looks. How soft her skin is. How much you love her.

8. Be patient. Don’t get annoyed if you have to go down on her for twenty minutes. And don’t ask her if she orgasmed every five seconds. If you do, then she’s going to feel guilty for not finishing yet–and then it won’t happen at all.

9. Use sex toys. A vibrator will make her cum faster. Maybe even multiple times. Don’t you think she deserves that?

10. Talk to her about sex. For some reason, people seem to be more comfortable having sex than talking about sex. But if you’re banging her, you should have a conversation with her. Ask her what she likes, so you can give her what she needs.

11. Sext. Believe it or not, she likes sexting, too. Just don’t expect her to do all of the talking. Tell her what you want to do to her. In detail. And try to make it a little romantic.

12. Use lube. If she needs lube, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Her body is just naturally dry. Use the lube, so sex doesn’t hurt for her.

13. Touch her breasts. Don’t just stick them in your mouth and suck them for your own benefit. Do what she wants. Caress them. Play with her nipples. Find out what makes her moan the loudest.

14. Pay attention to those moans. Instead of just getting off on her moans, try to figure out what they mean. See which moves she’s responding positively to and which ones she doesn’t seem to enjoy, so you know what to do in the future. 

15. Show her you give a crap. Don’t make her feel like a toy. Like she’s being used. Make it clear that you care about her and her orgasm. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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