Date The Girl That Stays Up All Night To Text You

Date the girl that has to wake up early the next morning, but is stupid enough to stay up anyway, because she likes you that much. She wants to have a meaningful conversation with you, even if it means she’ll risk dozing off during her 8AM class.

Date the girl that claims she isn’t tired at all, even though she’s yawning with her eyes half-closed, because she wants to keep the conversation going. She’s worried that tomorrow, the conversation won’t flow as easily as it is in that moment. Or even worse, that you won’t text her tomorrow at all.

Date the girl that doesn’t mind if you text her at four in the morning–as long as it’s not for a booty call. As long as it’s so you can tell her about the nightmare you just had or the trouble you’re having falling asleep. As long as it’s because she’s the only one on your mind in the middle of the night.

Date the girl that apologizes to you in the morning, because she fell asleep and didn’t respond to your latest text. It wasn’t because she wanted to stop talking to you. It was because she kept texting you until she physically couldn’t continue the conversation anymore.

Date the girl that keeps her phone on the edge of her bed, so she can see if your name is the one that pops up after it dings. If it is, then she’s going to reach for it. But if it’s someone else, then she’s going to wait until the morning to text them back, because it’s nothing urgent.

Date the girl that responds to your texts, no matter what time you initiate the conversation. If you have a problem, she’s going to be there for you. She’s going to help you out in whatever way that she can. And she hopes you’d do the same for her.

Date the girl that dreads falling asleep, because she would rather talk to you than dream about becoming a pop star and sleeping with other celebrities. You’re her favorite fantasy. You’re the only one she wants to be thinking about.

Date the girl that’s dead tired and has no idea what to say, but finds a way to continue the conversation anyway. She won’t let it die down, because she doesn’t want to spend a second away from you. She just wants to imagine you, in bed, holding up your phone and smiling at what she sent.

Date the girl that wishes you weren’t texting. The girl that wishes you were in bed beside her. The girl that wants to date you so badly that she’ll stay up all night texting you, even though she really wants to stay up all night with you in person, touching and teasing and kissing until the sun rises.

Date the girl that likes you as much as you like her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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