Date Someone That Doesn’t Mind Spending Money On You

I’m not telling you to find a sugar daddy. I’m not telling you to date rich men that shower you with flowers and jewelry whenever they screw up instead of actually apologizing to you. Your boyfriend shouldn’t do that. He shouldn’t use money to keep you around, because gifts don’t replace affection.

But gifts are a form of affection.

So date the guy that isn’t stingy when it comes to making you happy. The guy that is willing to spend his cash on you, because he knows you’re willing to spend your cash on him.

Date the guy that will buy pancakes, even though he hates them, so you have something to eat in the morning. Date the guy that buys you shampoo and a toothbrush, so you’re more comfortable when you stay the night. The guy that makes his house feel like home to you.

Date the guy that sees you staring at a shirt in the mall and offers to buy it for you. The guy that actually pays attention to what you like, so when he does spend money, it isn’t wasted. It’s something you’re going to love and put to good use.

Date the guy that buys himself nice dress shirts for romantic dates. The guy that spends money on haircuts and shower gel to look his best for you. The guy that puts at least a little effort into his appearance, because he knows how much you do for him.

Date the guy that lets you order whatever you want from off the menu. The guy that doesn’t give you an annoyed look when you say you want dessert or an appetizer. The guy that doesn’t mind spending an extra ten bucks on you.

Date the guy that will save up, so you two can pool your money together and go on an epic vacation. The guy that won’t settle for taking you to a hotel down the street when he could take you to your dream vacation spot. The guy that wants to turn your fantasies into a reality.

Date the guy that picks out presents for your parents and pets when the holidays roll around. The guy that realizes that, if he wants to keep you around, your family should be treated like his family. The guy that spoils your loved ones almost as much as he spoils you.

Date the guy that puts more gas in your car as a “thank you” after you let him borrow it. Date the guy that picks up your favorite candy whenever he stops at a drug store. Date the guy that goes the extra mile when he buys you birthday gifts.

Date the guy that wants to provide for you (even though he realizes that you’re independent enough to take care of yourself). The guy that dreams about being able to afford a house for the two of you to live in together. The guy that can’t wait to get married and merge bank accounts, because he already believes what’s his is yours and vice versa.

Date the guy that would give you the world if he could. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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