36 One-Sentence Reminders For Single Women That Feel ‘Forever Alone’

Unsplash, Christopher Campbell
Unsplash, Christopher Campbell

1. All of your crappy exes have helped shape you into the person that your soulmate has been waiting to meet.

2. Some people find Emma Watson unattractive, so don’t be upset when a fool finds you unattractive.

3. You might not have experienced romantic love, but your heart is bursting with familial love, which is just as good.

4. You might meet the love of your life tomorrow, so don’t assume your happily ever after is years away.

5. You don’t really need a man when you have female friendships and vodka shots.

6. The boy that doesn’t answer your texts isn’t worth the time it would take to type FU to him.

7. When you finally meet the right person, you’ll realize that the wait was worth it.

8. You can be unconditionally happy without having a hand to hold.

9. Reminder: Some of the most beautiful, successful women in the world are still single.

10. When you find someone that you have chemistry with, flirting will come easily.

11. Even Beyonce was single once, so don’t feel weird about being unattached.

12. You deserve to be loved.

13. Single life comes with plenty of perks, so don’t take them for granted.

14. It’s more important to learn to love yourself than to find love from someone else.

15. Despite what you think, you’re not actually destined to die alone.

16. A mirror doesn’t determine your worth and neither does a man.

17. Finding a boyfriend won’t solve all of your problems.

18. Pretending that you don’t have a heart is going to hurt you more than help you.

19. Never lower your standards, because there’s a man out there that will reach them.

20. More men are attracted to you than you realize.

21. If you want a boyfriend, then you have to be willing to visit new places and talk to new people.

22. Don’t sleep with someone in the hopes of turning them into your boyfriend, because the plan will backfire on you.

23. If he fucks with your mind, don’t let him into your heart.

24. A man might not love you yet, but your pet definitely does (and it’s a better cuddle buddy than any human out here).

25. Don’t lose yourself in the process of looking for him.

26. Don’t be fooled: Relationships have just as many downsides as single life does.

27. Don’t wait around for a boyfriend, because there are much better ways to spend your time.

28. You shouldn’t convince yourself to love someone, just because you’re sick and tired of being single, because true love isn’t forced.

29. Your vibrator can do more for you than most men can.

30. You should be just as proud of your career as you would be of your boyfriend.

31. There are thousands of available men you haven’t met yet, so don’t give up hope. 

32. True love does exist, even if you haven’t experienced it yet.

33. You’re not as alone as you feel like you are, because you have friends and family that love you and would do anything for you. 

34. Relationships are scary, but you’re strong enough to handle them.

35. It’s better to be single than to get your heart shattered.

36. You’re beautiful, even if no one has mentioned it lately. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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