30 Terrifying Stories Told In Under 6 Words

What’s scarier than a Stephen King novel? A single sentence that can terrify you. Read these mini stories from Ask Reddit that are all under six words and see if you can come up with anything scarier.


1. Screaming

“Stop screaming. Flesh is tasty.” — BlueSimian

2. Buried

“You awoke suddenly, buried alive.” — Panx

3. Bloodstains

“For sale, baby shoes. Bloodstains.” — f00lism

4. Barking

“They weren’t barking at thunder.” — capt_cork

5. Death

“Her heart stopped. She didn’t.” — tolacid

6. Stalking

“It enjoys watching you sleep.” — AwkwardAlligator

7. Reflections

“Just saw my reflection blink.” — [deleted]

8. Shadows

“Then my shadow stepped closer.” — frivolous-spending

9. Swimming

“Swimming…. Something touched my foot.” — cliffsofinsanity

10. Space

“Landed on moon. It’s hatching.” — jsz

11. Emptiness

“Door opens. Empty. Footsteps approach.”  — ladycharlie

12. Aneurysms

“Aneurysms kill quickly and randomly.” — ArtsyMNKid

13. Babies

“Baby cries. I live alone.” — JoXand

14. Strangers

“Strangers. Friends. Lovers. Strangers again.” — NoctisIncendia

15. Doorways

“That door was just closed.” — tubadude2

16. Shadows

“I’m alone… Shadows are moving.” — GoodMorningFuckCub

17. Alone

“Alone in bed. Blanket shifts.” — Hippo55

18. Memories

“No one will remember you.” — Darkerthansmack

19. Anesthetic

“The anesthetic’s effects are incomplete.” — TheMatryoshka

20. Death

“You might never wake up.” — aliffk22

21. Funerals

“Wife screams, at her funeral.” — ab1kenobe

22. Screams

“When you remember, you’ll scream.” — CosmoKapeesh

23. Death

“Death was not an exit.” — Manderelli

24. Spiders

“Spiders love your warm bed.” — myleskilloneous

25. Abducted

“Abducted, can’t see, biting begins.” — partenon

26. Scratching

“Scratching sounds under your bed.” — Social-Grenade

27. Heartbeats

“Your heart can always stop.” — Ketomatic

28. Knocking

“Last person alive hears knocking…” — SpareLiver

29. Parasites

“You are filled with parasites.” — mil_phickelson

30. Never-ending

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday.” — Wzup Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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