16 Ways To Unintentionally Ruin Your Relationship By The 6-Month Mark

Twenty20, edric
Twenty20, edric

1. Making assumptions. If he says something that pisses you off, don’t sulk until he figures out what’s been bothering you and explains himself. Immediately ask him what he meant instead, because you might have completely misread the situation.

2. Questioning why he’s with you. He’s dating you, because he likes you. It’s not because he pities you or because he hasn’t seen the real you yet. Stop letting your insecurities get in the way of your happiness.

3. Being overly suspicious. If he hasn’t given you any reason to assume he’s cheating, then don’t constantly look for signs that he’s cheating. Once he realizes you don’t trust him, your entire relationship will change.

4. Putting in less effort by the hour. It’s great that you’re starting to feel comfortable around him, but that doesn’t give you permission to be lazy. You should still flirt with him, listen to him, and (occasionally) dress up for him.

5. Continuing to act like you’re single. If you agreed to be his girlfriend, then you wordlessly agreed to stop flirting with (and sleeping with) other guys. So don’t act like you’re unattached whenever your boyfriend is too far away to see you.

6. Moving too quickly. Do you really want to be the couple that moves in after two weeks together and gets married after two months together? It takes a while to truly get to know a person, so don’t rush through your relationship.

7. Texting more than you hang out. Texting isn’t a replacement for face-to-face conversations. Unless you’re in a LDR, you should see each other at least one per week. Your schedule isn’t that packed.

8. Putting his needs before your needs. I know you care about him, but you should always put yourself first. It isn’t selfish. It’s healthy.

9. Freaking out about the future. It’s still early on in your relationship. You don’t have to ask yourself if he’s your soulmate yet. You still have time to get to know him before you make that decision.

10. Keeping your thoughts hidden inside. If he does something that annoys the hell out of you, tell him. Just break it to him gently. Otherwise, he’ll keep on doing it and you’ll keep on growing more and more bitter.

11. Avoiding serious conversations. You can’t change the subject whenever he mentions moving in together. If you’re not ready to take a step that big, then just tell him. Have an adult conversation instead of avoiding him like a child.

12. Using sex as your answer to everything. Fucking after fighting might make you feel better at first, but it won’t solve your problems. Besides, there are other ways to show affection. If you skip the cuddling and hand holding, because you think sex is enough, then you’ll end up in a supremely unhealthy relationship.

13. Lying about what you’re really looking for. Don’t claim that you want a fun fling when you’re actually looking for your future husband. If you’re not on the same page, somebody’s going to get hurt–and it’s probably you.

14. Spending too much time together. You shouldn’t be attached at the hip. Take a break from going on dates to see your friends, visit your parents, or watch Netflix alone. You need “me” time in order to function properly.

15. Acting like you’ve been together forever. You can talk about marriage and babies, but don’t start pushing for them. You haven’t even been together for half a year yet. Calm down.

16. Overlooking the red flags. It doesn’t matter if he’s the kindest, funniest, hottest guy you know. If there’s a huge red flag waving in your face, then you should still dump him. Don’t put up with less than you deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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