50 Generic Dog Names And What They Say About Your Furry Friend

Twenty20, rgags
Twenty20, rgags

1. Buster: He’s too big to sit on your lap, but he does it anyway.

2. Bear: Huge and huggable. Gets dog hair everywhere.

3. Princess: Spoiled rotten. Honestly believes she’s royalty.

4. Lucky: Despite the name, he’s always knocking over furniture and tearing apart the house.

5. Oliver: Steals food from off of the kitchen counter, but is too cute for you to yell at.

6. Max: Never actually uses his dog bed. He prefers the couch.

7. Toby: Scrubs his butt along the floor right after you finish cleaning it. Every time.

8. Bubba: A little too fat. He wobbles when he walks.

9. Peanut: Looks small and cute, but has bitten you more times than you can count.

10. Duke: Runs after squirrels, rabbits, and neighborhood cats. His favorite spot is on your front porch.

11. Jasper: The friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. He loves every human that steps into the house.

12. Brownie: Brown. And adorably doofy.

13. Oreo: Always begging for a treat. And he’s so cute that he usually gets it.

14. Luke: Loves riding in cars. Hates being cooped up in the house.

15. Daisy: Doesn’t mind getting bathed or dressed up with bows.

16. Baxter: Loves the outdoors. Can play frisbee all day, everyday.

17. Rocco: Always tries to steal your socks and bury them in the yard.

18. Lady: Masculine. Usually mistaken for a male dog.

19. Elvis: Never stops barking. The neighbors have voiced their complaints.

20. Maggie: Gets worn out easily. Always panting.

21. Missy: Never actually comes when you call her name.

22. Winnie: Loves to lick your face. And your neck. And your hands.

23. Rusty: Even if he’s still young, he acts like an old man. All he does is drool and sleep.

24. Scout: Follows you everywhere. Whines when you go to the bathroom without him.

25. Shadow: Always excited. Pulls you down the street when you’re holding his leash.

26. Lassie: Beautiful. Whenever you go on walks, this dog gets compliments.

27. Scooter: Super clumsy. Always tripping and running into walls.

28. Rex: Looks tough, but is a total softie. Thinks he’s a lapdog.

29. Moose: Farts all the time.

30. Champ: Despite the name, he’s as lazy as they come. Sleeping is his favorite activity.

31. Penny: Stubborn. If she’s in a bad mood, she will not listen.

32. Sandy: Loves the water. Runs through the sprinklers and drinks from puddles.

33. Simba: Nothing at all like a lion. Would never harm a fly.

34. Charlie: Thinks he’s a human. Sleeps in bed with you.

35. Hunter: Will eat anything. Even bugs.

36. Cookie: Surprisingly good at sniffing out food.

37. Tank: Super fit. Has bigger muscles than you do.

38. Comet: Barks at other dogs on TV.

39. Rufus: Always dirty. Hates baths.

40. Coco: Only eats a super specific brand of dog food. Otherwise, she’ll starve herself.

41. Fido: Terrified of thunder and fireworks and the vacuum.

42. Ginger: Either snuggling you or growling at you. There is no in between.

43. Bandit: Loves humping legs.

44. Zoey: Constantly sneezing.

45. Ruby: Falls asleep in the weirdest positions.

46. Spike: Really hyper. Won’t sit still for long enough to get his picture taken.

47. Chloe: Prefers to sleep on a pillow while covered in blankets.

48. Pepper: Is used to eating human food instead of dog food.

49. Lexi: Loves other animals. Hates being alone.

50. Gizmo: Has a million toys, but would rather play with a stick. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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