30 Blood-Curdling Stories Told In 30 Words Or Less

If you don’t have the time to read through a Stephen King novel, then check out these horrifying stories from Ask Reddit. They may be short, but they’ll still inflict fear. Just wait and see…

1. Monsters in the closet

“I live alone – and yet, thinking back, it feels like I’ve closed my closet door many, many more times than I’ve opened it.” — PortfolioKey

2. Buried alive

“I was buried in the earth with only a tube for air and an IV in my arm for nutrients. I couldn’t die if I wanted to.” — Chazboski

3. Russian roulette

“Sometimes, when you’re asleep, I like to play Russian Roulette with the both of us…” — scherz0

4. Children of the night

“The hallway smelt of blood and death. His footsteps echoed through the halls. The children, with empty sockets where their eyes should be, stared at him emotionlessly. The man screamed.” — Doktor_Oktoborfest

5. Something under the bed

“I toss and turn in bed. Nothing seems to help. As I roll on my stomach, and dangle my hand over the bed, hot, moist breath meets my palm.” — Dobeymaster

6. A voice from the past

“As I reclined in my chair I heard her voice call from the other room. ‘I’ll be back in a moment.’ She hasn’t lived with me in 5 years.” — mundy12

7. The wolves were innocent

“We thought it was the wolves. Until we found their eviscerated carcasses the next morning just outside the edge of the firelight’s range.” — scherz0

8. Only one comes back alive

“‘This forest is pretty scary.’

‘At least you don’t have to walk back alone.'” — djtheninja

9. Being followed

“As you walk through the dark to your front door you hear someone whisper, Please run, I’ll enjoy it more.” — Ramartin95

10. After the crash

“Five years since the crash, and you can’t forget that stranger’s face. Those lips formed her final words, ‘This isn’t the first time you killed me.'” — rockabilly_pete

11. The nightmare was real

“I woke up drenched in sweat. I was finally free from that nightmare. As my vision focused, I realized; so was it.” — Nivomi

12. Fear in the dog

“My fearless German Shepard creeps up to the door as I’m washing dishes, looks out the glass door, ducks down, then crawls under the table and whimpers.” — homicidalmunky66

13. The stars were fading

“I gazed up and saw, one by one, the stars were going out.” — MeteorKing

14. Babysitting nightmares

“A babysitter calls the children’s parents to ask if she can move the clown statue out of the living room. ‘What statue?’” — Lawrendene

15. The beast is in you

“Dried and crusted yellow eyes, patches of red muscle hang flaccidly from his face. In a nauseous stupor you reach out to touch the beast, and feel cold hard glass.”  — Churchill92

16. Who are you?

“Happy anniversary, Marie.”

He is carrying flowers and a sad little smile. I smile back at him, shaking my head.

“Have we met?” — penguelec

17. Blind to the world

My life played back through a slideshow from my mind. The crash is my recent memory. Recovered, I open my eyes to see what I love, but all is black. — patdap

18. Grabbed by a stranger

“You are driving down a country road in the middle of the night. You pass a sign that says, STOP AHEAD. From the backseat a hand grabs your hair.” — mogaconga

19. He shouldn’t be there

“She locked the door and pulled out of the driveway. The silhouette of her husband waved from the bedroom window.

Later, she realizes he’s been away on business for weeks.” — Dtoppy

20. Don’t look behind you

“Don’t turn around. They don’t like to be seen.” — kevinabox

21. Found guilty

“So there I was, completely innocent of all charges, watching my hysterical mother pound her fist against the thick glass as they strapped me into the electric chair.” — Twisted-Biscuit

22. Being stalked

“My friend went camping alone in the woods. He came back on Sunday and looked through his camera. He came across a picture of himself sleeping in his tent.” — Speedybo0m

23. Missing pieces

You wake up hungover with a dull ache in your right leg. You’re chained to a radiator in a moldy apartment. You look down and half your leg is gone.  — DatHoeMalone

24. Back from the dead

“Thunder cracked, lightning flashed and the woman gazed beyond her bed to see a small child in the light, holding a badly beaten ragdoll covered in blood. I’m back mommy.” — I_sting_water

25. Phantom knocking

“The last man on earth stood alone in a room. There was a knock at the door.” — AnarchyAngel5

26. Death is inevitable

“You will die. You are mortal, and you will have an end to your story.” — Octavian0

27. On the operating table

“All right, he’s under. Scalpel.”  fapingtoyourpost

28. You’re being watched

“You see that space in your window where the blinds don’t cover? He’s watching you through there.

But don’t look, don’t look. He doesn’t like being watched.” — aablmd82

29. Plagued with cancer

“I’m sorry to say that the biopsy came back – it is in fact a cancerous mass. The surgery would be risky at best.” — NoApollonia

30. Alone in the dark

“If you think you are alone in the dark, you are wrong.” — FelEdorath Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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