25 Tragic Signs He Loves His Mother More Than He’ll Ever Love You

Twenty20, loganclement
Twenty20, loganclement

1. When she says something nasty about you, he doesn’t stick up for you. But God forbid you say anything about her…

2. He compares your cooking to her cooking.

3. He asks you to lie about wanting kids or about being Catholic, so that she’ll approve of you.

4. He can’t go 24 hours without talking to her. And he can’t go 48 hours without seeing her face-to-face.

5. He won’t even consider compromising on where to go during the holidays. He refuses to celebrate Christmas without his mother.

6. Whenever you two have a fight, he runs to his mother to complain about you.

7. She’s the first person he calls when he gets good news. She knows about the big moments in his life before you do.

8. He buys her thoughtful, expensive gifts. Then, when your birthday rolls around, all he gives you is a generic piece of jewelry.

9. Even worse, you can tell his mom picked out his gift for you, even though he’s claiming it was completely his idea.

10. He still relies on her to do his laundry, cook his dinner, and shop for his clothes, even though he’s old enough to be doing all of those things on his own.

11. If she calls him while you’re out on a romantic date, he’ll answer, even if he knows it’s not important.

12. Sometimes, she’ll even come out with you guys to dinner, which would be fine, except you feel more like the third wheel than she does.

13. He lives with her. And he isn’t interested in moving out anytime soon.

14. Or, if you’re living together, she’s always showing up at your house unannounced. And he doesn’t have the heart to tell her it’s inappropriate.

15. And he won’t even think about turning down her requests for him to help with her yard work and grocery shopping, because he doesn’t want to upset her. But if you ask for his help, he’ll think long and hard about it.

16. You understand exactly how Debra felt in every single episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. 

17. He gives her more hugs and kisses in a day than he gives you over the course of a week.

18. He won’t stand up to her, even when she’s completely out of line and needs to be spoken to.

19. If you have an argument with her, he ends up pissed at you and expects you to apologize, even if she was clearly the one in the wrong.

20. He values her opinion over your opinion.

21. He has more photographs of her around his apartment than of the two of you.

22. For some bizarre reason, he expects you to act just like she does. It’s like he wants to marry a copy of his own mother.

23. Before he makes any big decisions, he consults her to see how she feels about the subject, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with her.

24. He cares more about making her proud than about making you proud.

25. He’s a self-proclaimed mama’s boy and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with treating his mother better than he treats his girlfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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