35 Signs He’ll Never Become Your Boyfriend

Elliott Dunning
Elliott Dunning

1. You know his favorite sex position, but you don’t know his favorite color.

2. Things are complicated with his ex or current girlfriend. And they’ve been that way for months.

3. He only texts you at night, when he’s drunk, or after you initiate the conversation.

4. Whenever you bring up a serious issue, he immediately changes the topic.

5. When he has a wedding or a family party to go to, he never asks you to tag along.

6. He’ll kiss you and hold your hand, but if his friends come around, he’ll drop your hand.

7. He never uploads pictures of the two of you together. He never even takes pictures of the two of you together.

8. If he talks to you on social media, it’s always over a private message. He never comments on your posts publicly.

9. He posts Snapchat pictures with other girls that he’s never mentioned to you before.

10. He acts like your best friend one day, but then he goes MIA for weeks, until he decides he wants you again.

11. He’s given you compliments that have made you blush, but then you realize he’s given the same compliments to another woman.

12. You always hang out at his house. You never walk around the mall together or go to the movies.

13. He always asks you to “hang out.” “Dating” isn’t part of his vocabulary.

14. Whenever you see him, he leads you straight to his bedroom to watch Netflix.

15. He only flirts with you when you’re one-on-one. If other people are around, he’ll treat you completely differently.

16. He won’t make plans with you weeks ahead of time. He only makes plans the night before.

17. He refuses to label the relationship on Facebook or in person.

18. He calls you “baby” or “honey” whenever you have sex, and never actually uses your name.

19. He casually talks about how often his friends cheat, and he doesn’t judge them for it.

20. He stares at his phone more than he stares at you.

21. He always mentions how he doesn’t believe in monogamy and how he thinks marriage is a scam.

22. You catch him flirting with other women, even when he knows you’re around to overhear him.

23. He’ll let you put your mouth on his genitalia, but he won’t let you cuddle him.

24. Whenever you get mad at him, he turns the situation around to make it seem like you’re the bad guy.

25. He won’t let you look at his phone. He’s uber protective of it.

26. There are some days when he won’t return your texts at all.

27. He makes plans with you, but then cancels at the last second with zero explanation.

28. He talks about his ex in a dreamy way that makes it clear his feelings for her haven’t went away.

29. He never even offers to pay for your meals when you go out to grab a bite to eat.

30. He’s never bought you a birthday gift, let alone an anniversary gift.

31. You’ve caught him in a million lies about pointless little things that don’t even matter.

32. He hasn’t deleted his Tinder, even though he told you that he was going to. 

33. He refuses to introduce you to his parents. 

34. He calls you psycho when you act like you’re together and convinces himself he doesn’t owe you anything, even though he’s been leading you on for months. 

35. He still won’t make things official, even though he knows you’re an amazing woman who only deserves the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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