30 Ways Women Want Men To Ride The Line Between Bad Boy And Gentleman

Kyle Everett Smith
Kyle Everett Smith

1. A man who looks sexy in a leather jacket and handsome in a suit.

2. A man who’s comfortable talking dirty to you and comfortable crying in front of you.

3. A man who grabs your butt in public and holds your hand in public.

4. A man who likes to hit the gym and likes to read.

5. A man who goofs around to make you laugh and is mature enough to handle a serious conversation.

6. A man who will have sex with you in the shower and will help you wash your hair in the bathtub.

7. A man who can make your friends jealous and can impress your parents.

8. A man who can pull off piercings and can pull off pink.

9. A man who knows what to say to turn you on and knows what to say to comfort you when you’re crying.

10. A man who texts you back quickly and never looks at his phone when you’re in the same room.

11. A man who knows how to have fun on weekends and works hard during the weekdays.

12. A man who likes to go down on you and likes to cuddle.

13. A man who can fix his own car and can cook his own meals.

14. A man who likes you for your body and likes you for your brain.

15. A man who acts tough in front of his friends and vulnerable in front of you.

16. A man who looks sexy with a beard and looks cute when he’s clean shaven.

17. A man who will take you on crazy, impromptu adventures and will give you well-thought-out birthday gifts.

18. A man who will take you on hikes and will lounge on the couch with you eating chips.

19. A man who can handle a straight shot of whiskey and will turn down alcohol when it’s his turn to drive.

20. A man who can make you feel attractive and can make you feel loved.

21. A man who will give you your space and will baby you when you’re sick.

22. A man who will treat you like a lady out in public and will treat you like a porn star in the bedroom.

23. A man who can intimidate other men and is as friendly as can be to little kids.

24. A man who can name every part of a car and can name every president that’s been elected.

25. A man who looks good in eyeliner and looks good in a tie.

26. A man with muscles and with an even bigger brain.

27. A man who can make you orgasm with his tongue and can make you cry with an adorable good morning text.

28. A man who can beat up your ex and can make a puppy fall asleep in his lap.

29. A man who will tell you all the dirty things he wants to do to you and will tell you all of his deepest, darkest secrets.

30. A man who is a good friend and is going to make an even better husband. TC mark

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