30 Disney Employees Spill The Strangest Thing They’ve Ever Seen Inside The Park

Disney is meant to be the happiest place on earth, but the truth is, some pretty horrifying things have happened there. If you search through Reddit, you’ll find some pretty fucked up stories about the most popular theme park in the world. Here are a few of them.


1. A woman tried to smuggle her baby onto the ride

I did the College Program from May 2012 until May 2013 and worked Attractions in Tomorrowland. People would do a lot of dumb stuff, but the most bizarre was when I was working at space mountain I was on rotation in a position called “mountain 3.” Basically, I stood by the handicap entry to the ride and helped people get on and took wheelchairs to the exit. Anyway it was middle of summer and really busy when a lady wearing a big Disney hoodie was going through the normal line. I thought it was a little weird to wear a jacket during the summer, but whatever. She then gets to restraint which is the last check point before the ride begins. At restraint they just check your lap bars and then press a green button. While there the cast members hear a whine coming from the ladies jacket and found that she was trying to smuggle her infant daughter on the ride. So he calls me over because I have a radio and we kick her off the ride, call our managers, and security. She ended up getting blacklisted from Disney World.

2. A widow dumped her husband’s ashes during a ride

While riding Pirates of the Caribbean a few years ago, a lady in our boat pulled out a bag and dumped the contents into the water. She was crying and sort of laughing at the same time. Come to find out, she had dumped her husband’s ashes in the water as his final resting place. She was caught on camera and got in trouble, but it couldn’t be undone. Both creepy and cool at the same time.

3. A couple put their infant son in danger

While I was working on Dumbo, these drunk people removed their infant from the seat belt and held the baby like Simba outside of the carriage while the ride was up 18 feet in the air so their other drunk friends could take pictures of them doing it. We had to emergency stop the ride; they were escorted away and I heard arrested once outside the park gates.

It was very scary to witness.

4. The guests were distracted from gruesome deaths

Disney world college program former cast member here. I suppose the most bizarre things were what the guests didn’t see. A man is found dead from a apparent suicide in his hotel room. The room’s windows and entrance are immediately concealed by those, “pardon our dust” renovation ply boards as costume characters/cast members have an impromptu meet and greet diverting attention away from the room as police arrive to process the scene. The lobby of the Grand Polynesian Hotel features a rather elaborate waterfall foliage atrium where a poisonous snake is found. In the utmost efficiency, dressed as janitors animal control has captured the snake within a 15 minute window while the guests were once again distracted this time by fire jugglers.

5. Pluto had her bones broken by an angry family

Disneyland: 1997: Toontown Head Room: A family attacked a Pluto. Pushed her into the fountain. I didn’t actually see the attack, just got to deal with the aftermath backstage. I got to dry all of pluto’s costume and clean the head. Later Pluto told me the family was mad that she had to take her break after they had waited to get a picture. I think Pluto either broke her arm or her leg. I can’t remember. The family was arrested.

6. A prostitute slept with random men on the monorail

I was a sweeper in Disneyland back in the early 1980’s. We would get assigned an area and you would just circle through it. I was working Tomorrowland near the monorail station (which went to the Disneyland Hotel across the street.) I saw a nice looking woman there who would strike up a conversation with a man, and then they would go get on the monorail. An hour later she would be back and strike up a conversation with another man and off they would go. I suppose she made a pretty good living finding lonely guys to entertain in her own magical way.

7. Tom Cruise had his daughter dressed up inside of a closet

My sister used to work at the Bippity Boppity Boutique (the hair-dresser that makes little girls look like prostitutes princesses). Tom Cruise brought his daughter there like the day after he and Katie Holmes got divorced. It was totally a sorry-your-parents-are-getting-divorced trip to Disney World. The thing is though that since he’s a mega-celebrity, he obviously can’t be hanging around in public, especially a small area like that store. So they ushered him, the daughter (I think her name is Siri or something close to that?), and my sister into a closet and she did the makeover in there.

8. The Tower of Terror almost malfunctioned

I knew a guy who was in charge of equipment safety, checking all rides, and pretty much making sure no one will die on a ride (I didn’t know his exact title). His wife was the manager of the restaurant I worked at at the time. One day he came in and was very tense and out of his place. I asked what was wrong and he told me he was working on tower of terror and realized one of the cars was one bad bolt and nut away from disaster. He told me if the ride went on for another 3-4 turns the car could have failed.

I don’t know how much of what he told me was exaggerated or what not but it was definitely freaky to hear…

I also have a buddy that works cleanup now and tells me surprisingly many people throw the ashes of loved ones from rides and/or in the water. He said it sucks because ultimately they identify every time that happens and those ashes end up getting swept up and thrown in the trash.

9. A woman overdosed on cocaine

Disneyland Cast member of 4 years at Tower of Terror.

Had a woman OD on cocaine at the front desk of the Disney California Adventure Tower of Terror. It was peak season and I was faced with closing my attraction with like an 80 minute wait (I was the working lead). Instead I rerouted the line through an emergency gate with the held of every manager and security cast member. Never stopped loading guests with paramedics consulting a woman who had two much cocaine. (I found out afterwards from my friend in security).

Other fun things during my time: I got punched in the face on christmas. Saw babies left in strollers while their parents rode. Piss, shit and vomit like every day. Kids having sexy time during Grad night. Drunk guests doing the dirty. I have been groped by both women and men (I am a guy). Shit those four years were hell.

10. A couple tied their kid to a fence

I did the management intern program in 2006. I got a call while managing over at Everest. Its seems that the person measuring up front had a husband, wife and child walk up trying to ride. The child was wearing one of those child pet leashes they have where it connects to a strap around the chest. Completely all over the place.

Well The cast member told them that the child was to short to ride. So they offered them a pass that allows one parent to cut the line and ride then another pass to let the other parent cut the line. So someone could sit with the kid.

They didn’t want to do that as they both wanted to go together and get a picture done. Then then walked the kid over to a fence and tied him to the fence and went to ride the ride. I show up and security and my boss are all standing around a child tied to a fence.

11. Pin traders tased each other

Not one of the theme parks, but I used to work at the Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood next to the El Capitan theatre. All I have to say is that the hardcore Disney fans are hardcore. I’m talking one pin trader punching another over cuts in line, someone bringing a taser to the next one.

12. Pluto died during a parade

I had a history teacher that used to work there. One of her stories is that pluto the dog mascot got run over by a float at a parade and died. Pluto was dragged to the back. Parade continued.

13. A woman tried to kill herself on a ride

I was at Disneyland on the Matterhorn with my sisters and their boyfriends when this lady unbuckled her seatbelt and jumped out of the bobsled. We had just gotten off of Small World and were walking towards the Matterhorn when it happened. Within a few minutes they started closing the park down.

14. A little girl told us to go to hell

I used to work in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as a Fairy Godmother in Training (FGIT from here on out), and one time we had a very Christian family come in and have their daughter done up by a friend of mine, in the chair next to me. We like to tell the girls stories about the real princesses coming in to get their hair done every morning, all of us having sleepovers, using “jellyfish jelly” (from Ariel, of course) to style their hair, that we’re 200+ years old (since to be a bona fide Fairy Godmother you have to be 1,000), etc. Every story my poor friend told this little girl, she would scrunch her face up and would say things like “That’s not true!” and “Stop saying fibs!” It’s adorable when the girls react so cute and don’t believe it at first, so we’re all laughing, and my friend tops it off with the fact that she’s 230 years old, and the girl nearly stands up in the dang chair and screams at the top of her lungs, “LIARS GO TO HELL.”

15. A kid kicked Donald in the balls

I worked there 1993-97. One day I was walking to the Cast Member bank to cash my paycheck. The bank is behind the bank on Main Street, and the gate to go “Onstage” is a little further down. As I walked up, the gate slammed open, and Donald Duck came stomping through, followed by Minnie and several other characters. Donald yanked his head off, threw it on the ground, and screamed, “Stupid Kid! Kicked me in the Balls!”

16. A reindeer got loose and ran around the park

The reindeer at the barbecue place got loose and one got into the park. The employees were running through Disneyland chasing a live reindeer.

17. One of the characters grinded against me

I went to Disneyland Paris with my SO, brother and his wife. I happened to turn 21 while we were there so the morning of my birthday we went to “Café Mickey” for breakfast. The others had asked for a surprise birthday cake and when it came out it was accompanied by Mickey, Minnie and somewhat randomly, Prince John (of Robin Hood).

Mickey & Minnie were cool, we were dancing and celebrating my 21st birthday in true Disney style. But Prince John on the otherhand… That guy is a complete jerk!!

All of a sudden he grabs hold of me and starts throwing me around. Then he pushes me onto the bench and basically starts dry humping me!

I imagine for the employees and our fellow diners this would have been a pretty bizarre thing to watch. A little different from the usual tame birthday celebrations they do for the little kids. In all honesty, it was absolutely hilarious and even now it makes me smile just thinking about it.

18. A teenager was arrested over a baggie of drugs

I went to the 24 hr Disney day, just to see what it was like; mistake. I was sitting by the security checkpoint to get into the area in between the parks, and this undercover Disney security stopped a guest. She ushered her to the side of the planter I was sitting at and says, “What’s that plastic in your shoe?” It was a baggy full of drugs. She looked about 16, and started loudly arguing with security, who then radioed for others; security and then the police came. As soon as she stepped on the other side of the security checkpoint she was arrested.

19. We weren’t even allowed to touch our cell phones

Not an employee, but I marched in parade at Disney World Magic Kingdom recently so we became “honorary cast members.” I honestly thought how bizarre it was how serious the employees were about having a phone “backstage” and if you were even caught holding it they threatened to confiscate it so that we don’t spoil the “magic” of the characters. It really showed their integrity to their guests.

20. Couples gave each other blowjobs

Blow Jobs – so many mid-ride blow jobs that we had to interrupt via loud speaker, especially towards the end of the night. That being said if it was a slow night, no one else was in the boat, and the managers were already gone we’d let them finish and often congratulations during unloading so they knew we knew.

21. My friend was fired for saving a child

Disney is really on top of their shit. I have worked there in 2011 and all I can say is: they are not really kind to their employees. A friend of mine got fired for saving a child from being ran over in one of the parades. Apart from that, I’ve heard that people who manage the on-ride cameras see countless boobs.

My friend got ran over instead of the child and ruined the parade. Then she was fired.

22. I fainted after a boy puked and shitted in front of me

I used to work for Disney. I was a PhotoPass cast member, which meant I got to randomly patrol the park and snap pics of people next to iconic disney marks. I got to take people’s photos, give them a card, and then they could buy them after their vacation. It was an awesome job, people loved me, and I got to use the corniest lines to make people smile.

So one day I was wandering through the park, and I notice this kid. He wasn’t that old, maybe six or so, and he didn’t appear to be with any of his parents. Thinking he was lost, I walked towards him, when I realized he didn’t look that good. He had his hand on his stomach and was kind of hunched over and moaning. Now, an upset stomach isn’t that uncommon at disney (especially when you know what goes on in their kitchens – but that’s another story), so I could kind of sense what was about to happen. I called out for him to wait, but it was too late.

The kid proceeded to try to tug his pants down, when all of a sudden he starts violently shitting. I mean like furious, possessed, massive fire-hose style liquid shit. And he didn’t stay still, either. He started flopping around, doing this weird bucking style dance, trying to avoid the colossal amount of shit spraying every which way out of his pants, and his ass. I watched in shock. He looked like a motherfucking sprinkler system. And he just kept shitting, unrelenting. Did I mention this was right in front of Splash Mountain, as well? The kid was putting on a fucking show for every boat that came sliding down the mountain, as the shit kept sliding out of his ass.

Eventually the kid stops shitting, and I think everything’s over. It’s not. The kid’s bawling at this point, and I feel really bad for him. He tries to run away, but slips and falls face-first into a pool of his own shit. He doesn’t get up. Fuck. I look around, praying there’s another cast member around for backup. There isn’t (probably all ran away, come to think of it). FUCK. I step towards the kid, wading through his pool of liquid shit. It smelled AWFUL. I rolled the kid over, just so he wouldn’t drown in his own shit. “You OK?” I ask. He coughs, and then proceeds to puke ALL OVER ME. It’s horrible puke too, all red and foamy. At this point, all my senses are overwhelmed, so I vomit too, and fall into the devil’s brew of liquids on the ground. I panic, and struggle to get up, and that’s when I hear the click! of my camera wrapped around my neck.

And as luck would have it, the kid’s parents came running around the corner to find me laying on top of their son, covered in shit and puke, and freeze. I could only give them a shit-eating grin before I fainted…

23. There were flies on top of the food

I used to work on Main Street at Disneyland in one of the cafes. On my first day, I noticed that there were flies hovering around on the pastries in the glass display cases at the counter and told my supervisor. She then tells me that they turned off the lights in that particular case so customers wouldn’t be able to see the flies, and we could continue selling them.

24. A woman flashed the camera

A security guard had to escort 3 teen girls from the park for flashing the camera (topless).

25. A man was arrested for public intoxication

I once saw a man get arrested for being publicly intoxicated at the Aerosmith Roller Coaster in Disney world. He had his like 7 year old daughter with him and it was really sad. They had to pin him to the ground and everything.

26. A couple pretended a doll was their baby

Cousin’s old theater teacher used to be Peter Pan. They were doing a character breakfast and a couple had a baby wrapped up in a blanket. They ask if they can pose with the baby and Peter Pan. The teacher goes up to take the picture… THE BABY IS A DOLL. They brought a doll to Disney and were those whack job kind of people who treated it like a human. The teacher just had to play along as if it were a real kid.

27. A man let his daughter pee on the floor

I’m seasonal at Epcot after doing the Disney College program. I work in 5 different stores in the South/East Future World.

One night, I was working at Club Cool and I’m just watching the guests, making sure no one is doing anything stupid. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a Brazilian guy (go figure) pull down his daughter pants and let her pee on our floor.

Thank goodness our floor is already disgusting due to people spilling the free soda we have there.

Oh ya, Dont get me started on summer season with the tour groups. Those chanting Brazilians

28. A father abandoned his entire family

I worked at the front desk of one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels, a lady, followed by another lady with like an 11 year old kid, walks up and asks if there is a place that people leave messages for their family if they are separated. I said, “not really” and inquired more into the situation, apparently the first lady was helping the other lady, who didn’t speak good English, and her kid. The lady and her kid were in line for Indiana Jones when the father said he was going to the restroom, but never returned. They later went to the car, and the car was gone. They were hoping he left a message for them somewhere. Me and the lady while talking realized he left them, probably for good. The father was probably thinking, at least he left them at Disneyland. I spoke to my manager later about it, and apparently this happens ever so often, a father decides to leave his family, and thinks if it’s at Disneyland it softens the blow. Ruins Disneyland for the Family if you ask me. Ultimate Douchebaggery.

29. A couple left their baby alone while they went on a ride

I was working a fantasmic shift, wearing that glorious yellow poofed jacket armed with my flashlight. I was by the pirates entrance working on getting people to leave their baby buggys in a semi-neat order to either go under the ropes to watch the show or go on Pirates of the Caribbean, when one of my coworkers and I start to hear a baby cry. These people had left their baby in the buggy and went on pirates without it. Naturally, we called a lead and we had to stand there and wait for security; 20 minutes later the family showed up and told us that they didn’t think the baby could go on the ride. They probably had been doing it all day. They weren’t European.

30. I came face-to-face with a panther

When I worked third shift at one of the vacation club hotels one of my responsibilities was delivering the express check out statements at 3 am.

One night as I was walking from building to building I turned a corner and came face to face with a full grown Florida panther.

I backed away at top speed, shut myself behind the closest door and waited a few moments before resuming my rounds.

And people used to shit in the holes on the mini golf course. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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