22 Desperate Things Women Do That Send Men Running

Twenty20, stefiakti
Twenty20, stefiakti

1. Blowing up his phone. Triple texting him is fine, as long as you’re sending updates about the Game of Thrones episode you’re watching. But if you’re texting him three times in a row to ask him why he isn’t answering you quickly enough, he’s going to get freaked out.

2. Pretending you love every single song and show and sport that he loves. You don’t have to be the spitting image of him in order to date him. Be yourself. He wants a woman with a real personality.

3. Liking every single post he makes on Facebook and Instagram. It’ll make you seem like a stalker. Or like you’re marking your territory. Either way, it’s not a good look for you.

4. Bashing other women. Don’t make fun of anyone for wearing a super short skirt or for having naturally big boobs. Life isn’t a competition. And if he really likes you, then you don’t have to worry about him leaving you for any of them.

5. Making future plans with him. Listen to Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Don’t make plans with a guy for longer than you’ve been dating him. So if you’ve been with him one month? Don’t make plans for six months from now.

6. Asking him to delete his Tinder. If you’ve been together for a while, it’s perfectly fine to make this request. But if you’re only on your second date, you should give him a little room to breathe.

7. Crying in front of him early on. He’ll probably give you a free pass if you see a sappy movie with him, but if you start tearing up while talking about your ex, he’s going to get out of there.

8. Dropping everything in order to see him, even though you’ve only known him for a week and you’ve known your friends for two decades. He’s not going to lose interest in you, just because you’re busy one night, so feel free to turn down his offer to watch Netflix in his parents’ basement.

9. Matching with him on a dating site and agreeing to meet up with him before you have a single conversation over the app. That means you’re willing to go out with any guy who looks cute.

10. Never letting him see you without makeup. Ever. Like, wearing it when you go to the beach with him and keeping it on when you sleep over, so he never gets a chance to see your natural face.

11. Bringing up marriage or children too early. Even if you’re clearly talking hypothetically, it could be a red flag for him. No one wants to date a girl that pokes holes in condoms. 

12. Telling super personal stories on the first date. Some people are more open about their secrets than others are. You might tell strangers your life story in line at the grocery store, but you should try to hold back with your date. Keep a little bit of the mystery alive. 

13. Asking him too many questions. When he tells you he’s busy, don’t ask him who he’s going out with, where they’re going, if any girls will be there, and what time he’s going to be home. It’s a different story if you’re dating, but you’re not dating yet, so keep those questions to yourself. 

14. Acting like you’re the boss of him. If you’ve just met him, you don’t really have a right to tell him who he’s allowed to hang out with and how much money he should be saving per week. 

15. Letting your insecurities show. Everyone is insecure. It’s a part of life. But if you’re on a date and you whine about how you think the waitress is prettier than you, he’s not going to know what to do. 

16. Begging him to meet your parents, even though you haven’t been with him for all that long yet. Once he realizes you’re more serious about the relationship than he is, he’ll freak out. 

17. Asking him when you’re going to become an official couple over and over again. Yes, it might be a valid question. Yes, he might be an asshole for not giving you an answer. You’re not wrong for asking it, but be aware that it might cause him to flee.

18. Showing up at his house or his job unannounced. You should hold off on those “sweet” surprises until you’re officially dating. 

19. Flirting with everyone that you meet. If he thinks that you would take any guy, then he’s not going to want to be your guy. He wants to feel special. 

20. Changing your Facebook status without talking to him about where you stand with him, or posting pictures of the two of you without his consent.

21. Saying, “I love you” when it’s clear that he doesn’t feel the same way yet. Some people are flight risks. If you know he has a fear of commitment, you have to ease him into it. Otherwise, he won’t be around for long. 

22. Letting him treat you like complete shit. Men aren’t oblivious. They know when they’re crossing a line. If you let him get away with murder, then he’s going to think less of you. So stop playing nice when he’s been nothing but nasty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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