20 Men On The ‘Unattractive’ Traits They Actually Find Sexy In Women


1. “Bigger noses. All of the celebrities you see have those perfect, ski slope noses. I’m not into that. Big noses are beautiful, too. So are crooked ones. It brings definition to the face. Gives her character.” — Liam, 22 

2. “Pubic hair. Save some money and skip those Brazilian waxes. I prefer it natural.” — Paulie, 26

3. “Emotional girls. I don’t mean girls who cry over every little thing. I mean girls who will tell you that they like you and that they want something serious with you. Most of my friends call girls like that desperate. Or psycho. But I call them real. I don’t like games. I respect their honesty.” — Francisco, 21

4. “I love brown eyes. Not that other people consider brown eyes unattractive. But I feel like blue eyes and green eyes get the most attention. Brown eyes are underrated.” — Jimmy, 28

5. “Okay, everyone says this is weird, but I love when girls have imperfect teeth. Not yellow. But like, big front teeth or a few sharp ones. It makes their smiles feel more genuine.” — Cody, 29

6. “Give me a woman with small boobs. I don’t want double Ds. I’d rather have an A-cup in my hands. Easier to play with.” — Victor, 24 

7. “Heavy makeup is hot. Most guys aren’t into the ‘raccoon look’ with all of that heavy black eye stuff, but I think it looks nice. Don’t get me wrong. The natural look is nice, too. But if a girl puts in effort to paint her face, I’m going to acknowledge it.” — Peter, 23

8. “Pixie cuts. All of my friends prefer long hair, because they think it’s more feminine or some shit. But pixie cuts are badass.” — Michael, 19

9. “Being taller than me. Trust me, I don’t mind being eye-level with your chest. Keep wearing those heels. Tower over me. It turns me on.” — Stewart, 29

10. “A flat ass. Big booties are nice too, but I don’t mind a girl without an ass. There are other body parts to play with.” — Dick, 25

11. “Being heavy. Most of the time, girls who consider themselves heavy aren’t even heavy, anyway. It’s insane. They think they have to a size zero in order to be attractive. It’s not like that.” — Andy, 31

12. “Shyness. I don’t need a woman to be bold and come up to me to ask me out. I don’t mind making the first move. I think coyness is cute.” — Antonio, 23

13. “I like high pitched voices. You know, those annoying ones that usually make men roll their eyes and plug their ears? But I kind of like raspy voices, too. Anything, but monotone.” — Douglas, 28

14. “I have a thing for older women, so don’t worry about aging, because as long as you have boobs, someone is always going to want to sleep with you. It doesn’t matter if your hair is grey and your skin is saggy. Someone will still want to hit that.” — Marshall, 22

15. “I like clingy girls. I’m clingy too, I guess. When I get into relationships, I want to be with my girlfriend 24/7, so I like when she feels the same.” — Seth, 26

16. “Natural eyebrows. I don’t know why girls keep putting makeup on top of hair. They look fine without it.” — Spencer, 20 

17. “Being close with her exes. I’m not intimidated by it. It reassures me I’m dating a decent girl. One that’s mature.” — Jeremy, 20

18. “Cursing. Fuck being ladylike, right?” — Stephen, 27

19. “Scars. I’m obviously not endorsing cutting, but if a girl hurt herself in the past and regrets it now, she shouldn’t feel like her scars are ugly. It’s proof she’s still alive. She’s strong. She made it through. I think that’s sexy.” — Matthew, 25

20. “Eating a lot. Please don’t order a salad in order to impress me. It’s not going to work. Get yourself a steak and fill up, so you don’t steal my fries.” — Gregory, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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