18 Reasons Why You Haven’t Even Made Her Orgasm Once

istockphoto.com, ghoststone
istockphoto.com, ghoststone

1. You aren’t giving her the foreplay she deserves. So stop wondering what you’ve been doing wrong during sex and focus on what you’ve been doing wrong before sex. Women need a good warm up.

2. She isn’t wet enough. Here’s a fun fact, just because she feels wet to you, it doesn’t mean she’s in the mood. Women naturally produce discharge, so she might not be as turned on as you think.

3. She’s stressed. Orgasms can be more of a mental thing than a physical thing, so if she isn’t fully relaxed, she’s never going to reach orgasm.

4. You’re completely ignoring her clit. Unfortunately, she probably won’t orgasm, even if you reach her G-spot, so make sure you reach down and rub her clitoris while you thrust.

5. She’s self-conscious. If she thinks you’re going to judge her for missing a spot shaving, she won’t be able to focus on your tongue while you’re down there. She’ll be too busy thinking about her “flaws.”

6. She’s uncomfortable. If you’re on a lumpy bed in a messy room with a broken lock, it’s going to be hard for her to relax.

7. You’re not paying attention to her. If you’re only focusing on what’s making you feel good, she’s getting the short end of the stick. What’s best for you isn’t always best for her.

8. You’re putting too much pressure on her. Don’t ask, “Did you orgasm?” every five seconds, because you’re making her feel bad. If she cums, you’ll know it.

9. Your nails are too long. If you forget to trim them before you finger her, she’ll feel more pain than pleasure.

10. Your beard is too scratchy. If it’s the wrong length, it’ll hurt when it rubs against the skin on her face and the lips of her pussy.

11. You’re focusing on the wrong areas. Every girl is different, so what worked for your ex might not work for her. You have to pay attention to her reactions, so you can learn the intricacies of her body.

12. You refuse to go down on her. Guess what? Most women enjoy oral more than penetration. I don’t care what she smells like or tastes like. If you love her, you should be going down on her.

13. You never ask her what she wants. If you ask, then she might have a new position in mind that you never would’ve thought of yourself.

14. You’re too impatient. If you give up after ten minutes of eating her out, she’s never going to cum. She needs more time.

15. You don’t listen to her when she says, “no.” If she’s told you she doesn’t want your finger in her ass twenty times, but you keep doing it, she’s going to keep her muscles tensed. Then she’ll never orgasm. So be a decent human being and listen to her.

16. You refuse to use toys. Grabbing a vibrator to get your girlfriend off doesn’t mean your dick is broken. A little help never hurt anyone.

17. You put on repeat performances. Even if she loved missionary the first fifty times, she’ll eventually get bored of it. You need to try new positions, or at least try having sex in new areas of the house. Otherwise, she’ll get bored.

18. Her main concern is trying to make you happy. In that case, you should make it clear you want her to orgasm, too. Women are taught some pretty fucked up things about sex. You have to make her realize it’s not meant to be all about your pleasure. She matters, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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