You’re Undoubtedly Dating Your Soulmate If These 20 Things Happen During Arguments

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1. You absolutely hate being mad at your partner, because it’s hard to give them the silent treatment when all you want to do is tell them about the funny YouTube video you’ve just watched.

2. You’re torn between wanting to flip them off and wanting to fuck them against the wall, because they look hot as fuck when they’re angry.

3. You accidentally joke around with them in the middle of a fight, because they’re your BFF, and you forgot you were supposed to be mad at them.

4. You literally can’t wait until morning, because you know the fight will be over by then and you just want everything to go back to normal.

5. Even if your partner swears that they’re fine, you know when they’re pissed off at you by the way that they’re fidgeting and by the fake smile they’re wearing.

6. Once the argument is over, make-up sex isn’t enough. You also remind your partner of how much you love them, because you never want them to think otherwise.

7. Even when you’re pissed at them, you still hand them the remote when you know their favorite show is about to start.

8. If all the yelling upsets your dog or cat, your partner will immediately tone it down, so that your pet isn’t uncomfortable.

9. When the argument is all said and done, it doesn’t make you love each other any less. It actually helps you grow as a couple.

10. You never threaten to leave them, or say intentionally hurtful things like that you no longer love them or that you wish you were still with your ex.

11. Sometimes, you blurt out the wrong thing, but you try your best to think things through before you speak, so you don’t end up hurting your partner’s feelings.

12. You don’t bring up old arguments or mention how your partner is acting like their shitty parents, just to add fuel to the fire.

13. Even if you’re royally pissed at your partner, you’ll wait until you leave their friends house to yell at them, so they don’t get embarrassed in front of everyone.

14. Instead of telling them you forgive them, you can give them a special kiss or hug that does the talking for you.

15. You actually give a shit about how your partner feels, so instead of brushing off their complaints, you do your best to resolve them to keep your relationship strong.

16. It’s almost impossible to finish the argument once your partner lets out a few tears, because the last thing you want to do is upset them. Seeing them cry makes you want to cry. 

17. You keep your anger to yourself instead of ranting to your friends, because you don’t want them to think poorly of your partner. Besides, your relationship is a private matter.

18. You never ever let things get physical. Neither of you would dream of laying a hand on each other. 

19. You’re not afraid to be 100% honest about how you feel, because you’re confident that your partner would never leave you over a silly little fight. 

20. You end up cuddling together at night, even if you’re still a little pissed off, because you can’t fall asleep without feeling their skin pressed up against yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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