Love Is Meant To Rebuild You, Not Destroy You

Twenty20, collun
Twenty20, collun

You’re not supposed to miss work, because you stayed up the whole night crying in a bed littered with tissues. You’re supposed to stay up late with your partner, driving around town while singing annoying pop songs you’ll have stuck in your head until morning.

You’re not supposed to feel like you’re on the edge of a breakup after you have a fight. You’re supposed to come out of the experience feeling even more comfortable and secure in your relationship than before, because you were able to work through your problems together.

You’re not supposed to question your beauty when your partner fails to notice that you’ve changed your hair. You’re supposed to feel beautiful, even when your skin is dry and your nose is dripping, because your partner reminds you of how sexy you are on the daily.

You’re not supposed to worry about looking desperate by double texting your partner throughout the day. You’re supposed to feel comfortable texting them ten times in a row and filling the screen with heart emojis, because you know they’ll find it more cute than creepy.

You’re not supposed to get anxiety before going on a date, because you’re not sure if your partner is going to be in a good mood or not. You’re supposed to feel comfortable with them twenty-four-seven, whether you’re seeing them one-on-one or heading to a huge party together.

You’re not supposed to feel like a sex object that your partner keeps around, just so they can orgasm without using their own hands. You’re supposed to be best friends who enjoy watching cartoons and going bowling as much as they enjoy getting naked.

You aren’t supposed to feel so self-conscious during sex that you keep half your clothes on and fake your orgasms. You’re supposed to feel sexy standing in front of your partner buck naked and should orgasm as often as they do.

You’re not supposed to feel like your heart has been torn out after your partner cheats on you with a friend that you introduced them to. They’re supposed to be so loyal that they wouldn’t even dream of staring at a stranger’s ass when they could be staring into your eyes.

You’re not supposed to force your partner to take pictures that you can put up on Instagram, so you can fool the world into believing you’re the perfect couple. You’re supposed to take pictures you’re both excited to take, and keep them in a scrapbook that’s meant for your eyes only.

You’re not supposed to stress yourself out by wondering if your partner likes you as much as you like them. You’re supposed to know for certain how they feel, because they don’t hesitate to say those three little words, even if their friends are around to hear.

You’re not supposed to be heartbroken when your partner inevitably fucks up and leaves you all alone. You’re supposed to find someone that wants to be with you for the rest of their life, and makes sure that your happily ever after actually happens. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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