From Innocently Sweet To Animalistically Sexy – 50 Types Of Kisses All Women Want

1. Getting forehead kisses when he thinks we’re fast asleep.

2. Getting impromptu kisses that cut us off in the middle of our sentences.

3. Getting kissed deeply while he’s pulling our hair with one hand and grabbing our ass with the other.

4. Finally getting kissed after we’ve been making eye sex with him the entire night.

5. Getting a quick, chaste kiss without any hand action.

6. Getting thrown onto a wall and kissed against it.

7. Getting greeted with a kiss so passionate that we end up fucking on the floor before we say two words to each other.

8. Getting kissed in a tender way that clearly says, “I love you.”

9. Getting covered in kisses on our clit.

10. Getting kissed after a few blissful seconds of watching him look between our eyes and lips.

11. Getting kissed after giving him a blowjob, because he isn’t grossed out by it like most men are.

12. Bumping noses as we kiss, and then laughing it off, because we’re that comfortable together.

13. Getting miniature kisses whenever we’re stopped at traffic lights.

14. Sneaking kisses when no one else is looking.

15. Getting kissed from our lips, down to our thighs, all in a matter of minutes.

16. Getting neck kisses. Again and again and again.

17. Getting kissed by another girl.

18. Getting kissed passionately at his front door after spending a little too much time apart.

19. Getting a drunken kiss by a sexy stranger that we’ll never run into again.

20. Getting kissed as soon as we wake up, even though we have morning breath.

21. Getting kissed on the hand by an actual gentleman.

22. Getting innocent little kisses while cuddling in bed.

23. Getting kissed with tongue while his hands dig into our hips.

24. Getting an intimate kiss after he pushes our hair behind our ear.

25. Getting the traditional rom-com kiss at the top of a ferris wheel.

26. Getting kissed after he lifts us up in the air and twirls us around.

27. Getting kissed upside down, Spiderman-style.

28. Getting a peck while swimming underwater.

29. Getting an unusually tender kiss during the most intense sex of our life.

30. Getting kissed while taking a selfie that actually comes out looking flawless.

31. Getting a kiss we can’t stop smiling during.

32. Getting a heated kiss that makes us wet and leads straight to sex.

33. Getting an air kiss from that coworker we’ve always fantasized about banging.

34. Getting a kiss on the cheek from our favorite celebrity.

35. Getting kissed gently while slow dancing.

36. Getting kissed underneath the mistletoe by our lifelong crush.

37. Getting that perfect kiss with just the right amount of tongue action.

38. Getting kissed in the rain by the man of our dreams.

39. Getting a kiss that’s so long and so sensual that we only stop for air.

40. Getting comforting kisses when we’re crying our eyes out.

41. Getting kissed while eating, like in Lady and the Tramp.

42. Getting a gentle kiss while his hand is placed against our cheek.

43. Getting kissed on the shoulder when he’s hugging us from behind.

44. Getting kissed on our back when he’s giving us a massage.

45. Getting kissed while standing, and pushing each other’s lips so hard that we end up moving around the room.

46. Getting caught off guard and being kissed before we even realize he’s standing next to us.

47. Getting playful kisses on the nose.

48. Getting kissed on one breast, and then on the other.

49. Getting kissed in front of our friends and family on our wedding day.

50. Getting kissed by a puppy. It beats any kiss from a man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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