Date Someone Who Can Ease Your Anxiety

Twenty20, NickBulanovv
Twenty20, NickBulanovv

Don’t date the guy who makes you feel bad when you want to spend an evening at home. Don’t date the guy who gets angry about how quiet you are around his friends. Don’t date the guy who makes your life any harder than it already is. Date the guy who understands that you’re a gentle soul, the guy who is capable of easing your anxiety.

Maybe you suffer from panic attacks. Maybe you have social anxiety. Maybe you’re just an average girl who overthinks anything and everything. None of that matters. If you’re with the right person, you won’t have to worry about scaring him away with your “craziness.” To him, it won’t be craziness. It’ll just be you. And he’ll be there for you, because he loves you.

You see, the right guy isn’t going to judge you when your anxiety gets the best of you. He’s not going to make an excuse to leave, because he’s feeling uncomfortable, either. He’s going to sit on the floor with you and help you steady your breathing. He’s going to hold you in his arms until you stop shaking and he’s going to let you use his sleeves to mop up the mess of tears on your face. He’s going to be there, emotionally and physically and spiritually, until you feel better again.

It doesn’t matter if your nerves ambush you when you’re on a one-on-one date or when you’re surrounded by friends. If you feel suffocated during a concert overflowing with people? He’ll escort you to the nearest exit. If you freak out during a house party? He’ll come up with an excuse, so he can bring you back home. He won’t care where you are. All he’ll care about is your safety. All he’ll care about is that the love of his life feels loved.

When you find the right guy, a guy who can ease your anxiety, you’ll never feel like a burden again. Unlike your exes, he won’t make fun of you for getting upset over such “silly little things.” He won’t get pissed off by how often you cry over seemingly nothing. He won’t blame you for ruining a fun night out with his friends. Above all, he won’t make you feel like complete shit for having feelings.

He’ll hate your anxiety, sure, but he won’t hate it because of all the trouble it causes for him. He’ll hate it, because of what it does to you. He’ll hate it, because he never wants to see your gorgeous face lined with tears or your beautiful body trembling with fear. He’ll hate it, because he loves you.

Whatever you do, never let yourself believe that your anxiety makes you unlovable. As you know from experience, some men won’t be able to handle it, but those are men you’re better off without. Trust me, there’s a guy out there who won’t give a fuck about your anxiety. No matter how many times you break down in front of him, he’ll never look at you and see some pathetic damsel. All he’ll see is his stunning girlfriend, the love of his life, his soulmate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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