19 Women Reveal The Male Body Part They’re Just As Obsessed With As Dudes Are With Boobs

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Anthony Easton
Anthony Easton

1. Forearms.

Forearms. So. Much. Yes.

2. More forearms.

Pro tip: Wear a button down and roll your sleeves up to your elbows. It is the most attractive thing in the world.

3. Aaand more forearms.

I can look at forearms all day. Some days I think ‘unf those veins dear god that’s so attractive’ and other days I’ll drool over not-veiny forearms. I don’t know what it is but they’re hot.

4. Your jaw.

Jaw line. Insanely hot!

5. The “V.”

The V section, and the hips. That whole lower abdomen area… It’s like a network of muscles, bones and strong hotness. And also backs, I have a thing for backs.

6. More V please.

THE V. How did I forget about the V.

I make sure to kiss my boyfriend’s whenever I see it.

7. Big, rough hands.

Hands… I know its weird. But im a sucker or big rough hangs. Hands that look like they can break a neck. Simply sexy ugh!

8. Or hands of any size.

Same, but not even big bulky hands, just hands in general. I like holding them and looking at them and laying in bed with them spread over my belly or chest when I’m being held.

9. A defined torso.

Big arms, broad shoulders, muscular back.

10. “Cupped, defined” butts.

I never notice butts unless they are absolutely fantastic. I was at a tennis match and out comes this guy on the court with the greatest looking butt I have ever seen. His shorts fit him so well too. They weren’t too baggy and just kind of cupped and defined his butt. It was amazing to look at.

11. The V. Again.

Yes this- the only reason my SO putting on 30 lbs has made me a bit sad. I miss that beautiful V.
I mean obviously the company is more important. But. Ung. With I could still look down while we were fucking and see it.

12. Your happy trail.

HAPPY TRAIL. It’s like a magical path to the penis.

13. Definitely your happy trail.

mannnnn when a good looking guy stretches and you see that happy trail peak out I just grabjdafhuaahalhf

14. Your eyebrows?

Eyebrows. Nothing like a good solid pair of eyebrows.

15. Your legs.

Calves. All day, every day. Give me some wickedly defined calves and I’m yours.

16. Visible shoulderblades.

A nice sculpted back with shoulder blades that protrude slightly

17. Adrien Brody noses.

Noses. Big, crooked nose with a strong jawline.

Adrien Brody noses.

18. Your armpits.


And his dick.

19. Broad shoulders.

The shoulders, collarbones, and neck. I don’t know what it is, but whenever my guy takes his shirt off for me my eyes are drawn to that area. Broad shoulders just give off an air of masculinity and I love the contours of the bones there, they look so inviting and I want to nibble on them.

It’s ridiculously sexy to me to see his bare shoulders and think that I could be holding onto them during sex. The neck is the same way, because personally it’s a very sensitive place for me and I want to make him feel the same pleasure I do by kissing and nuzzling there. It’s a very intimate spot and I love everything about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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