25 Incredibly Terrifying Urban Legends People Still Believe In

15. The one where the maid in the hotel uses your toothbrush. To clean. Her rectum. Except you don’t know it until you have your vacation photos developed.

I hide my toothbrush when I leave the hotel room. Every time. Every hotel.

Also I try to not leave a hotel room too messy, because I think the key part of the legend is that the guests trashed the room. Whatever. Still hide the brush.


16. Mothman. So you’re telling me that a man-sized moth hybrid is running around the forest at night and stalking people down roads? FUCK. THAT. SHIT.


17. Flashing your headlights at oncoming hi-beams might be marking yourself for gang-initiation murder.


18. Whenever I wash my face, I make sure to wipe the soap off as fast as possible because I’m scared of the numerous things that could have popped up on my mirror. Maybe it’s a ghost girl standing behind me. Maybe it’s Jeff the Killer with a knife. Maybe it’s my reflection smiling back when I’m not.



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