17 Creepy Events That Led These People To Almost Believe In The Supernatural

Case 4.

My brother had been in a very severe motorcycle accident. He had fallen 30 feet off of an overpass onto a sloping hill shattering his vertebrae, along with broken hips, leg, and damaged organs. We were sure he was not going to survive and made the E.R. our home while waiting to see if he would awaken from his coma.

After a while he did finally come to but was not as lucid as we had hoped, and was still drugged a bit. One day we came by and the nurse waved us on in to come and visit. she left and me and my father sat next to my brother.

He spoke to us in a raspy voice and asked “Where did the baby go?” My father and I were very confused as only the nurse had been in the room, but my brother was adamant that a woman carrying a baby in a basket had been standing over him. My father decides to walk over to the nurse and ask her if any women with infants had been visiting my brother. She looked puzzled and replied no, no one like that has been by. So My father being a spiritual man asks, “Ma’am, are you pregnant?” and this woman’s eyes widen and she pales as she stammers out that yes she is, and she had just found out about it two days ago; she had yet to tell anyone, even the father of the baby or her parents.

He also had claimed that when he had first awoken from his coma drifting in and out of consciousness he had seen children surrounding his bed, guarding him. I know it might be the opiates and morphine they had him on, but he believes to this day that something, angels or what have you were protecting him in his time of need. I’m not religious or a believer in most supernatural, but this shook me pretty hard when these events happened.

Case 5.

I’ve had two experiences. The first can be corroborated by 4 other people. The second, well, I could have just been hallucinating.

First story, it was my freshman year in college. I get in bed when I hear my roommate say “Uhh, look at the ceiling”. Six green, glowing hand prints are staggered across the ceiling like someone crawled over the ceiling.

They were huge hand prints too. We run out of the room and get our neighbors. We tell them we think we’re being haunted. We’re immediately called out as trying to trick them. We hit the lights and show them the hand prints. I go to turn the light back on once we’re done observing, 3 more hand prints are now on the wall. They’re continuing the “crawl” towards to light switch.

We’re freaked out at this point. We get wet cloths to remove the hand prints. And the washing seems to work. They’re gone once we’re done with wiping down the ceiling and walls. We discuss how weird it was then decide to see if the hand prints are still gone. Hit the lights again, and now all 9 hand prints are back, plus 6 more that now appeared on the ceiling above the bunk bed two of my friends were sitting on. We couldn’t get the hand prints to go away that night. We fell asleep in the room with the handprints there. I slept soundly through the night, which I also consider pretty odd considering the circumstances.

Second story, I’m 22 years old and home on winter break from college. I wake up in the middle of the night and see that someone is in my room. My eyes are adjusting to the darkness so I could make out it was a woman. I assume it’s my mom and ask her what she’s doing. I get no response.

Now I start getting very worried. I ask again, no response. My eyes keep adjusting to the darkness. It’s a woman in a white nightgown standing 3 to 4 feet from my bed. I keep looking at the figure. Now I notice that it’s a girl, maybe 14 years old, just standing there. I notice her eyes are fixed on me as she’s slowing rotating to her left and her head is cocked on her shoulder. Then I realize it’s as if she’s hanging from the ceiling and staring at me as she’s slowly rotating.

Yes, I know this sounds crazy and I was well aware of it at the time. I told myself this is a waking dream and it’s not happening at all. I made myself stay there and stare back at her knowing it would go away. I could do this for only about 5 more seconds (probably a lot less in reality, seemed like more), before I busted into my parents room in my boxers at 3 in the morning screaming about ghosts.

That’s right, a 22 year old wearing nothing but his boxers screaming to his parents that there are ghosts in his room. Of course, nothing was there once we went back to the room. This was most likely a waking dream. But man, I was staring at the figure for a long time telling myself it was all in my head. That figure still stayed there until I couldn’t take it anymore.


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