28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

11. Um…

The groom’s cousin had got married at the start of wedding season, then had her strapless offwhite wedding dress shortened to knee length. She wore it at several weddings that summer, including at least two at which the bride was also wearing a strapless offwhite gown.

12. Jimmy?

Priest was hand picked by the couple because the bride worked with him at the Archdiocese. He is an hour late, and keeps getting the couple’s names wrong.

He is walking with braces and crutches, and he keeps making handicapped jokes.

Good times.

13. Mothers actually do this?

My boyfriend worked catering for a wedding venue. Distinctly remembered one groom’s mother coming around and trying to get the attractive female servers to “convince” her son he made a mistake getting married.

Yep, she was trying to get her son to cheat on his wife at the reception. Pretty bad.

14. “Get it girl!”

Used to waitress at weddings, during one memorable speech the father of the groom remarked that the brides parents must be happy that they “still have two virgins left!” Another wedding featured a cake topper depicting the bride with her dress hiked up around her hips and straddling the groom. Get it, girl.


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