28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

8. Don’t get too wasted

The last wedding I photographed, the sister just got incredibly drunk. I felt really bad because it honestly seemed like she had a severe drinking problem because she was absolutely off her rocker in the way someone on crack would be.

She was shoeless, screaming-barfing and spitting at people and bawling outside the reception hall where my work partner and I were taking our dinner break at the time. This was maybe one hour after the ceremony had ended, and there was ZERO liquor allowed at that particular venue.

Eventually she ended up in the gravel parking lot, still screaming and crying. She lost her balance several times and fell face first into the gravel twice. Last I saw her, she was sitting up against the car surrounded by 3 or 4 people and just crying before they loaded her into the back seat to pass out.

Two hours later my partner and I came out for a smoke break and overheard that she had escaped and people were looking for her…..

9. “LOOK AT ME!”

Drunk girl grabbed the microphone from the bride and slurred a teary, broken speech to the awestruck guests. 300 person wedding. Expensive, classy affair. The words of the speech were about how great the bride was but the purpose of the speech was to say “LOOK AT ME!” Other things this woman has done at weddings: dressed inappropriately (ladies, there is nothing morally wrong with you dressing how you like but at a wedding please try to consider the likelihood of nip slips/cooter flashing when at a classy affair) and more or less lap danced with the groom, is a repeat offender for nip slips, tried to drive home drunk, passed out in the bathroom, started fights, and stolen dates. She is getting married soon. I briefly entertained the notion of showing up at her wedding and doing all the things she did to others. The woman is a walking faux pas.

10. Not a faux pas, just…an awful family

At my wedding, my now ex-MIL wore the same ivory color all over that I was wearing, and generally tried to upstage me. Some of her family also tried to steal the top cake that we had explicitly stated we were keeping, and spit gum into the church plants (adults, not kids), and were generally loud, rude, and embarrassing.


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