28 Incredible Stories Of Wedding Faux Pas That’ll Have You Cringing In Your Seats

First, in the hours before the wedding, the groom is waiting in a room with a bad case of the nerves, and none of the other groomsmen are anywhere to be found… Found the first two fairly easily, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you where the last groomsman was… Yup, getting lipstick on his white shirt with the uninvited guest…

Second, the bride’s favorite was chocolate covered strawberries, and I, for one, was worried that they would be cleared out from the buffet table by the time the wedding ceremony was done, so I carefully selected about 10 picturesque specimens, put them on a plate and tucked them away in the fridge with a not saying ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ beforehand. Apparently, to this girl, that meant ‘EAT ME’ because I found her with the empty plate after the ceremony! The words exchanged were rude and unkind, but the gist of it was, she thought that I was stashing them away for myself, she had already decided that she hated my guts, and so she decided that she was just going to eat them all! I quickly checked the reception tables, and sure enough, they were all gone… Fortunately for me, they were made fresh and there was still some chocolate and strawberries in the kitchen. A little bit of culinary trial and error later, I got some relatively decent looking chocolate covered strawberries to the bride (and before the toast, too!)

Third, this girl briefly takes over the music during the dancing at the reception, turns off the preselected playlist of jazzy tunes, dance music, and love songs, plugs in her own i-pod, and starts blaring some hip-hop that seemed to be purely about sex (with the f-word very prominent)… To a variety of very conservation and/or elderly family members and their children.

Finally, this girl elbows her way in to the group of unmarried women during the bouquet toss and almost gives one of the bridesmaids a black eye when she snatches the bouquet… My one not of satisfaction in all this? The look of dismay on the groomsman’s face when she caught it, and her look of rage when he recoiled from the garter toss like it was a venomous serpent…

24. Now you know

I wore a white dress to a wedding once! :( In my defense, it was the first wedding I’d been to (over the age of like 7) and I didn’t know any better. You’d think my mom would have said something when I left the house, but I guess she didn’t notice. I didn’t even realize it was a fuax pas until a few years later. :(

It wasn’t completely white though… It had some black. Such shame!


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