16 Women On The Sexiest Thing Their Significant Other Has Said To Them

These women really know how to tell it all. They reveal the hottest, steamiest, sexiest things their significant others have said to them. Found on r/AskWomen

1. She “died” that night

The single hottest thing mine has ever said was the other night- we had both had a couple drinks, getting into bed, getting into heavy petting.

He stops and looks at me and just groaned. I said, “What? Did I hurt you? Are you okay?” He kinda looked at me and said, “You have the hottest fucking body on the face of the planet and it’s all I can do not to take you right fucking now.”

I died.

2. She does

He’s used these more than once, but oh man: “You like it when I fuck you from behind?” or “You like riding that fucking dick?”

Yes. Yes I do.

3. A sexy growl

Not a something that was exactly “said” to me, but a guy I’ve hooked up with a few times once growled in his sleep — this extremely hot rumbly sex noise — and the next morning he told me he’d had a sex dream about me. I choose to believe that noise and that dream were related.

4. It wasn’t the stare, but what he said after

He stopped me when I was on top and just stared at me for a second. I self consciously asked “what?!” Thinking I did something wrong. His response “you’re so beautiful… I just need a minute.” Needless to say, i did not give him the minute he desired.

5. Do chores

“I did the dishes”

Ahhhh yeah, dropped to my knees.

6. Getting frisky

One afternoon I was in my boyfriend’s room with him and could not keep my hands to myself. His sister and her fiancee were in the living room and I knew they were leaving in 30-45 minutes so I started to slowly get him worked up. After 25 minutes of oral on him he pulled me up, looked me in the eyes, said “I’m going to tear you apart when they leave” and then kissed me as he slid his hand up my dress.

He did not fail to deliver.

7. Rounds of kisses

Mid-fuck with my SO on top and he’s just looking at me in this beautifully intense way and I was a bit confused and then he says “you’re so gorgeous” in this super soft, velvety, super sexy voice.

I just melted. So many kisses.

And then the next day, we’re cuddling and he’s looking at me the same way, so I ask him what he’s thinking about, and he just says “I’m just thinking the same thing I was thinking yesterday.”

So smooth. Cue another round of kisses.

8. On a loop

A guy I was dating once said, “Fuck, I’m going to cum so hard…” and then stopped and groaned/gasped and said, “No, fuck that, if I cum then this is over, and I don’t want to stop…”

It was simultaneously adorable and hot.

9. “Just the tip”

“Mm I love shoving my cock into that tight little pussy. You like my big cock you little slut?”



10. The things he says

He’s not my SO but he does a very good job turning me on. He says my body is for his pleasure. He loves that he makes me cum so hard that all I can remember is his name and all I want to do after is please him. He’s told me that he would spend hours kissing every part of my body just to hear me moan and whimper and watch my body writhe under him. He loves telling me how hard I make him, that he can’t get enough of me, that he can’t wait until I cum so he can do it all over again.

Aaaand now I have to go call him.

11. She turns into mush

I asked “are you going to come for me?” And he put his hand around my throat and growled “oh no, I’m not done with you yet.” Huh buh buh I am jello.

12. Two words!

“Good girl.”

13. Mmm Mmm good

My ex used to finger me then lick his fingers and tell me, “I love the way you taste.” Fuck. It was so hot.

14. New way of saying “You’re beautiful”

We were with a group of friends at a bar or something. It was some special occasion and I had taken a lot of time getting all primped up. Half way through the night he turned and quietly, very close to my ear asked “How does it feel to be the girl everyone wants?” The way he said it was sexy as hell.

15. You can’t hit ’em all

Mine does these little groans that are almost like a low growl. He does pretty good dirty talk “your pussy’s so tight and wet for me, I’m gonna give you this big hard cock and make you come”.

He also says really dorky things sometimes like “Your clothes! Where did your clothes go!?”, or “hey, you’re naked!” like he’s genuinely surprised/scandalized.

Ahh. Sex is fun and weird.

16. It was heaven

Grabbing my wrist, moving my hand down, and saying, “I want you to make yourself cum on my dick.”

I felt the rays of heaven beam down upon my face. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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