How Each Myers-Briggs Type Can Tell That They’re On The Right Track In Life


ENFP: They’re inspiring the people around them.

ENFPs aren’t afraid to go after their big, lofty pipe dreams – and in doing so, they inspire the people around them to go after theirs as well. The ENFP can tell that they’re on the right track in life when the way they’re living their own life is having a positive impact on those around them – that is, others are inspired to go for their own dreams based on the way the ENFP is going for theirs.

ENTP: They’re beating the system.

ENTPs are masters of tricking the system – and achieving their goals in unconventional ways. When the ENTP has successfully found a way to bypass ‘the man’ and achieve success on their own terms – without having to report to anyone else – they’ll know they’re on the right path in life. This type lives for autonomy, freedom and the opportunity to create and invent on their own terms.

INFP: They’re making a difference in the world.

INFPs invest themselves fiercely in the causes they believe in – and above all else, this type wishes to have a positive influence on the world around them. Whether they’re inspiring others through activism, art or daily contributions to a meaningful establishment, this type needs to feel as though they’re contributing positively to the world around them. When it becomes clear that the INFP is making a positive impact, they know that they’re on the right track in life.

INTP: Their everyday life involves learning.

As long as the INTP is alive, they will constantly be learning and developing (and who knows, even death may have something to teach them). This type knows they’re on the right track in life when they’ve cultivated a lifestyle that enables their learning long-term. So long as they are continuously able to take in and consider new information in a meaningful way, this type knows that they are on the right track in life.

ENTJ: Their lead is being followed by others.

ENTJs pride themselves on their long-term vision and level-headed decision-making skills – both of which often exceed the abilities of those around them. The ENTJ knows they’re on the right track in life when others begin noticing what they’re doing right, and following suit. The ENTJ is a born leader, who achieves actualization once they finally establish that leadership in a formal way.

INTJ: Others are working to implement their visions.

INTJs are visionaries through and through – but they generally prefer to work behind the scenes, conceptualizing and planning for change, rather than communicating and reinforcing it. The INTJ knows they’re on the right path in life when they find themselves surrounded by people who are willing to get behind their vision and help them to carry it out – it proves that their intellect is valuable to others and it allows their insight to be a catalyst for change.

ENFJ: They’re facilitating positive changes in other’s lives.

ENFJs live to see others thrive. This type knows that they’re on the right track in life when their personal influence begins bettering the lives of those around them. Be it family member, work clients or peers, the ENFJ is a born mentor who will always be on the right track when they are facilitating the personal growth of those around them.

INFJ: They’re working towards their vision of a better society.

INFJs are big-picture thinkers, who are adept at pinpointing weak points within a system and conceptualizing a better, more harmonious system. This type knows they’re on the right track in life when they find themselves actively working towards bettering society in the ways that they’ve envisioned – rather than slaving away endlessly at a job perpetuates a system they don’t stand for.

ESFP: Others are captivated by them.

The ESFP is a born performer, who absolutely thrives in the spotlight. This type knows that they’re on the right track in life when they are finding themselves surrounded by people who cherish and relish in their presence. This ESFP is a people-person through and through – and once they’ve learned to charm and delight the masses, they’ve learned to harness their greatest strength.

ESFJ: They’re surrounded by people who value them.

ESFJs give tirelessly to the people they love –but they aren’t always appreciated for their efforts. This type knows they’re on the right track in life when they’re finally giving to people who appreciate them and give back in equal measure. When their selfless contributions are fully recognized and appreciated by those around them, the ESFJ is truly thriving.

ISFJ: They’re trusted and appreciated by those around them.

The ISFJ works harder than almost any other type to ensure that they aren’t letting their friends and loved ones down. This type knows they’re on the right track in life when they’re feeling trusted, respected and valued by the people around them. Prone to being taken advantage of in their early years, the ISFJ self-actualizes when they learn to give to those who both genuinely need and genuinely appreciate their help.

ISFP: What they want for themselves and what others want for them are in harmony.

The ISFP values their individuality incredibly highly – but they also value the input of those around them, and often feel caught between these ideals. The ISFP knows they’re on the right track in life when the people around them are supporting them in their artistic, creative or personal pursuits. This type desires a complex mix of individuality and harmony, and when they’re able to achieve a balance between the two, they know they’re on the right track.

ESTP: They aren’t being held back by the rules.

ESTPs aren’t afraid to go directly after what they want in life – even if it means bending a few rules along the way. This type knows that they’re truly thriving when they’ve found a way to rise above the rules and pursue the life they want on their own terms. The less red tape this type has to cut through to get to the life they want, the happier they are in the end.

ISTP: They’re free to do their own thing.

ISTPs are perhaps the most independent of all MBTI types – they crave freedom to explore, invent and understand the world around them on their own terms. And this type knows they’re on the right track in life when their lifestyle allows them the freedom and independence they crave. Even if that just means having copious amounts of alone time most days.

ESTJ: They’re well respected within their community.

ESTJs strive tirelessly to achieve respect and esteem within their community. This type knows they’re on the right track in life when they’re hitting goals and maintaining a lifestyle that is in line with the values of their community. When they’re respected and looked up to by others, the ESTJ is truly thriving.

ISTJ: Their hard work is acknowledged and respected by those around them.

ISTJs never shy away from putting hard work into anything they believe to be right – but this work often flies under the radar, as this type isn’t actively looking for recognition. However, an ISTJ knows they’re on the right path in life when they’ve established a position within their community where their work is not only needed but appreciated and acknowledged. This type will do what they believe to be right whether it gets noticed or not – but it certainly never hurts to have their contributions respected. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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