Here’s What You Should Dress Up As For Halloween Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Hard-pressed for a last-minute Halloween costume this year? Don’t worry – I’ve got your back. After combing through Instagram for the best and brightest Halloween costumes of the season, it turns out there’s one that fits every Myers-Briggs personality type. Check out your recommendation below and then leave your real costume choice in the comments.

INTP – Something witty yet simple.

You’re not sure how someone managed to drag you to this Halloween party in the first place but if you’re going to concede to going, you’re going to waste as little money and effort as possible on your costume.

ENTP – Something witty yet complicated.

You love the chance to make a good pun or clever quip. And Halloween is the ideal time to get abstract. You don’t mind making people work a little to figure out your costume – you relish in the chance to show off your creativity.

ENFP – Something witty that showcases your enthusiasm.

You love making people laugh and the cleverer a costume you can think up, the better. Take the chance to showcase your enthusiasm for life through a particularly witty costume that you pull of with ease.

INFP – Something referencing a work of literature that only you understand.

Let’s face it – you spend a lot more time engrossed in books and films than the rest of us do. And you see Halloween as the perfect opportunity to temporarily channel your favourite character – with a hilarious creative twist, of course.

ISFP – Something terrifyingly artistic.

There’s no two ways about it – ISFPs seem to win Halloween every year. This unbelievably artistic type can work wonders with face paint and costumes – walking the fine line between terrifying and astounding the rest of us.

ISFJ – Something classic with a personal touch.

You like the tried and true costumes – but of course you’re going to add a personal touch. You’re detail-oriented to a fault and letting any part of your costume slide is a definite no-no.

ESFJ – Something that matches your BFF’s or SO’s costume.

You see Halloween the way you see everything – as a fun opportunity to connect and engage with your loved ones. You adore group or couple costumes – they give you the chance to share an inside joke with your favourite people and showcase your friendship or relationship to the world.

ESFP – Something flashy that is going to draw attention.

Let’s not sugarcoat it – you want all eyes on you. Halloween is a great opportunity to relish in the spotlight and you don’t mind going flashy or over-the-top with your costume if it’s going to get people looking and laughing.

ISTJ – Something historical.

Halloween is a time for fun and games but it’s also a time to remind people of their roots – and you don’t see why you can’t combine the two into one incredible costume.

ESTJ – Something that showcases your dominance.

You get sh*t done in your everyday life and you don’t see why Halloween should be any different. Dress up as your favourite superhero or dominant character to remind everyone that you are still large and in charge.

ISTP – Something simple that pokes fun at a current trend.

Is there anything you love more than dryly poking fun at something everyone else is obsessed with? Halloween offers you the perfect chance to do just that in a socially acceptable way – don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

ESTP – Something that’s in-your-face hilarious.

You like obvious, in-your-face humour – and your Halloween costumes are no exception. Pick a hilarious joke and go all out with it – you’ll have the rest of the party in stitches all night.

ENTJ – Something creative yet practical.

For the most part, you see Halloween costumes as a waste of money. But you’re not going to miss out on the chance to join in on the fun – so you’ll craft something practical that nonetheless has other people applauding your creativity.

ENFJ – Something classic with a twist.

You like to dress up as something that others are going to be able to recognize and enjoy – but you need it to have a personal flair. Add a gruesome twist to your favourite Disney character or a creative edge to a classic character from your favourite piece of literature. You’ll entice and entertain the masses.

INFJ – Something intellectual and clever.

You put serious thought into everything you do – and your Halloween costumes are no exception. Pick a pun based on something you’ve researched and shamelessly display it in costume form – the people who get it are the people you’re going to want to spend your night talking to.

INTJ – Something no one can figure out.

After all, no one can figure YOU out – why should your Halloween costume be any different? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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