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How To Love The INFJ Woman In Your Life

INFJs are the rarest of all the types. They are otherworldly, they are magical, and sometimes, they are hard to love.

INFJs require a special kind of passion from their partner. While they are great intimate lovers, it takes work to get there. It takes a lot of trust and being an INFJ myself, that’s the biggest hurdle to get over.

INFJs can come across childlike sometimes with the amount of reassurance they need, but when the right person comes along, they will know just how to make all the pieces fit.

Until then, here’s your one-stop for how to love the INFJ in your life.

1. Don’t tell her you love her body; tell her you are unequivocally in love with her mind.

INFJ’s have a beautiful and unorthodox way of seeing the world. She will teach you more about life than you thought possible. Let her. It’s her way of relating to you.

2. Forget the small talk. She is far deeper than the shore.

You won’t ever realize the depth of her beauty until it’s two in the morning and she’s telling you all about the stars, but you can’t hear her voice because you’re lost in her eyes.

3. If she says “I want to be alone,” leave her alone.

She doesn’t hate you. You didn’t do anything wrong. She wants to be with you, she just needs space. She needs a little room to breathe. Give it to her.

4. Don’t be afraid to hug her when she needs it.

INFJ’s can sometimes feel cold and unapproachable when they need a hug the most. She shuts herself off from the world. If she tells you she’s lonely, you’ve broken through her wall. So, hug her. You have no idea how hard that was for her to admit.

5. When she tells you she doesn’t want to leave her bed because she doesn’t feel well, know she’s lying, and tell her she doesn’t have to.

She’s so used to telling people lies because she can’t tell them that she’s too worn out and needs a break. Let her know that you’re safe. Be the comfort that she’s screaming for.

6. Leave the party hand-in-hand when she gets overwhelmed.

Show her you’re there for her. She’s worth more than any party.

She’s the kind of love you read about in fairytales. She’s what will make your world keep turning. She’s the magic that keeps you young. She’s an INFJ. TC mark

someone who speaks her struggles through words.

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