man in gray crew neck t-shirt kissing woman in white tank top

I Feel So Lucky I Get To Fall For You

I’m not the kind of person who believes in luck.

I believe in having ambition and determination as the drive that thrusts people into wanting to accomplish something meaningful in their life. I don’t give fate or fortune the credit whenever I achieve a goal I’ve worked so hard for. Luck is not built for the strong-willed individuals, I used to say. It just wasn’t for me.

But you came along and changed the whole game.

Ever since you arrived in my life, I have always felt so darn lucky. I wasn’t even looking for love when you came knocking on my door. But there you were anyway, in your favorite sweater and worn-out sneakers. You arrived and never left.

Falling for you was effortless. I didn’t have to constantly prove my worth to you because you always made me feel like I mattered no matter what. I never had to fight for your attention for you gave it to me even without my seeking. Our relationship never felt like a checklist I relentlessly had to tick off or a deadline I needed to beat. There was not a single day you made me fretful about you leaving me for someone else because I did not try hard enough.

You allowed me to fall in love with you gently on mornings when your hair was a jungle and on nights when you mumbled in your sleep. You let me fall in love with you slowly. Slowly like the tender caress of the wind on the ocean. Slowly like the way your fingers slide through the tendrils of my hair when you kiss me. You let me breathe in your love. You never rushed me. Our love took its time, and for that, I feel so lucky I get to fall for you like this.

You were my fortune cookie, the longer half of a wishbone. You were my four-leaf clover, my wishing star. You were the first snowflake on a winter day. You made me love unplanned trips as long as they were with you. You were the only reason I liked spontaneity.

You were the one who proved to me that luck works. And for once in my life, I did not feel bad about giving it credit. Because you came and I have never felt so lucky in my life.

On days I felt undeserving of love, you let me feel like I am always worthy of it. You make me want to strive harder to keep you here even if you never ask for anything too grand. I am so grateful you stayed that I will do everything, even if it means wishing for the heavens for another lucky clover, one that’ll make you stay and choose me every day.

I hope you know this. This feeling in my chest that grows like flowers in bloom every time I remember how lucky I am I found you—how lucky I am I’ve a kind of love I would cross seven seas for.

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